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For some artists, having one of their songs parodied by “Weird Al” Yankovic is a standout career moment. From Nirvana to Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga, tributes such as “Smells Like Nirvana”, “Eat It” and “Perform This Way” served as signposts that they had really arrived.

In fact, in a 2012 interview, Yankovic revealed that after Jackson blocked the release of his “Black or White” remake “Snack All Night,” he decided to take on grunge superstars by spoofing their hit. revolutionary “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. After his manager couldn’t reach Kurt Cobain on the phone to get his blessing — which Al always tries to do, even though it’s legally unnecessary — he asked his friend Saturday Night Live actor Victoria Jackson to lend him a hand.

“He was nice and he figured it out in five seconds and said, ‘Sure, you can do a parody,'” Yankovic said of the late Nirvana frontman. “The famous quote from him was, ‘Is this going to be a song about food? because at that time, that’s mainly what I was known for. When Yankovic explained that it would actually be about how no one can understand Cobain’s voice, the singer was even more enthusiastic.

And while Al always tries to make sure his subjects approve of his punny remakes, not everyone says yes to the joke. In fact, the polka-loving accordionist and author of chuckle-worthy classics such as “White & Nerdy”, “Another One Rides the Bus” and “I Love Rocky Road” has been turned down by some of rock’s biggest names. and pop over the years.

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