10 groups you shouldn’t miss on your return to Psycho Las Vegas


Even for us, it is more and more difficult to explain. Review- A diary laptop assistant that makes huge fortunes by drawing words.

Psycho Las Vegas.

What is it exactly, except one of the city’s best music festivals which is increasingly well known to them?

How do you concisely characterize this wide musical range?

Okay. Breathe deeply. please.

Psyche Las Vegas is a three-day marathon of hard rock, death metal, hip hop, alternative country, new wave, funk, reggae, garage rock, psyche rock, slash, stand-up comedy, punk, electronica and grind core. Metalcore, noise rock, stoner rock and more are spread over four different locations in Mandalay Bay.

This festival is called “American Rock and Roll Bacchanalia”. Maybe we should deal with it.

But if you want to wrap it up, Psycho Las Vegas will come back to us after it takes off in 2020 for COVID-19. It is the first major festival to resume operations since the pandemic, starting the local festival season from September to November.

It is not without hiccups.

The band’s tracks had to be out of the lineup due to the protracted corona virus issue. Mainly a European group, comprising two of the three original headliners of Psycho, the Black Metaller Emperor and the great metal classic Mercyful Fate.

There are changes in attendance, however, with over 100 performances from Friday to Sunday (the Daylight Beach Club on Thursdays is also having a ‘Psycho Swim’ pool party).

Here are 10 of the many must-see performances:


Yes, the collection of solo albums from the members of the Wu-Tang Clan is about as vast as the vocabulary of this clever chess-loving MC, but his muddy masterpiece “Liquid Swords” ranks highest. . He will perform it all in a live band to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Enlightened Classical Kung Fu music. Ignore this and don’t be more ashamed of your family than you already have in life.

Cannibal corpse

As Grandmother often said, “in the old fashioned way” stoning with severed head, “is there always time for good children? This gut’s new album “Violence Unimagined” -Enjoy Inn’s Death Metal Institution is yet another benchmark for technical and lyrical atrocities. Prepare to charge the boys and girls in “Headlong into Carnage”.

Black Joe Lewis & Honey Bears

So you want to take a few steps, but the drink doesn’t have to be an easily threatened pit – to quote Jeffrey Lebowski, “Watch out, the drink is here. Yes! “Don’t worry. Inspired by those James Browns, the Soul Blues Badas keeps the Bud Lights a good distance from the Mosher while spinning their hips like a hurricane windsock.

Curl up and die

Local Love Time: This late ’90s metalcore band from Las Vegas established themselves as an underground favorite with an equally complex and aggressive repertoire before they split up in 2004. Unfortunately, we are not robots ”, said to smoke like Denis Leary in the “no cure for cancer”. “time.

Company of thieves

Yes, even Beelzebub is hot enough outside to hit their Speedo, but this veteran electronic music duo cools things down a bit with a downtempo jazz-influenced discography. They will be like a calgon bus to your ear canal after the wildness that takes many weekends.


Indeed, this year’s Psycho Las Vegas was full of tears salting hard black metal ale, and Scandinavian pioneers such as Emperor, Mayhem, Satirikon and Ulver have all canceled their performances due to visa issues. .. But this longtime New York black metal ram can satisfy a fan’s musical thirst for the stage. Kiss the goat.

Paul Kosen

His nickname is Baritone’s “Big Velvet”, where we inevitably see the ghosts of Johnny Cash. This outlaw homecoming is everything modern stars like Luke Bryan don’t: you can hear it. And if Cauthen’s “Cocaine Country Dancing” doesn’t make your boots a Boy Scout, flip-flops may be a better choice.

Pig Destroyer

These grindcore motors have become one of the most progressive and positive acts of the genre, ranging from the scream of an enthusiastic 30-second explosion that shakes the larynx to frontman JR Hayes Black. Hall-Dark Death Prose is scarier than your Tab bar when Psycho is finished.

Claude Fontaine

Blame Bossa Nova: This self-proclaimed “American girl with a French name” skillfully mixes vintage reggae with Brazilian tropicália in a catchy and seductive sound. If his songbook was a cocktail, it would certainly be served with a small paper umbrella.


“It’s Far From Hell,” Danzig named Glenn Danzig’s crooner on the opening track of his band’s 1990 second album “Danzig II”, and “Evil Elvis” traveled in style. Did, his bluesy repertoire also benefits Roy Orbison, Door, Sex, Satan. Danzig celebrates the 30th anniversary of the second record by playing back and forth. The “killer wolf” is barking again.

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