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Bengaluru: Two foreign nationals have been arrested for allegedly deceiving many people under the guise of offering them jobs, loans and in the name of lottery prizes and gifts.
The defendants are Adje Angel Alpride Adoni (L) from Ivory Coast and Fasoein Avaloho Adeyinka from Nigeria. The duo did not reveal where they resided in Bengaluru, but cops suspect they stayed somewhere between Bagalour and Devanahalli.
Police have learned that several cyber criminals, especially foreign nationals, depend on a few intermediaries in Tripura to arrange SIM cards and bank accounts. The suspects use the same to contact their victims and get the transferred money.
Anoop A Shetty, Deputy Commissioner of Police (North East), formed a task force led by Inspector Santosh Ram R to monitor couriers coming from Tripura to Bangalore. Police received specific information that two foreign nationals picked up a courier from Tripura on June 17. A team led by the sub-inspector Ramanagowda rushed to Kogilu Cross and grabbed the suspects.
The defendants smashed a cell phone they were carrying in an effort to destroy evidence. Police, however, seized the phone and found messages related to the courier, including tracking IDs and images of the packages. They also seized two packages from the duo. In the first package, they found four debit cards in a soapbox and a debit card and a SIM card in the second.
Adoni told police that he came to India on a student visa and stayed illegally after his visa period expired. Adeyinka claimed he came from Nigeria to play football. However, both did not produce documents in support of their claim.
Police said the suspects claimed they had been arrested previously for illegal stay and later released on bail.
They started tricking gullible people across India to earn money illegally to lead a lavish life. They approached intermediaries in Tripura to obtain SIM cards and bank accounts to use in the crimes they had committed. Shortly after deceiving the victims, they were throwing away SIM cards and destroying debit cards.


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