Amateur artists praise NIFTH for hosting folk craft and music classes – Breaking News – The Nation


ISLAMABAD – Amateur artists on Sunday hailed the continuing education courses in folk crafts and folk music organized by the National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage (Lok Virsa).
A series of training courses in folk crafts and folk music have been launched from May 10 with the aim of promoting traditional skills and sensitizing the masses, especially the youth, about Pakistan’s indigenous folk culture.
Speaking to APP, artist Fareeha Shah said, “It is a platform where one can better showcase their artistic skills under the guidance of master craftsmen.”
She said those who enroll in these courses will have the opportunity to hone their skills and showcase their work appropriately.
Another artist, Rizwan Raza, said, “These classes are not meant to be easy, but it is recognized that NIFTH provides trained teachers to teach these classes to emerging talent.”
Rizwan talked about folk art that reflects the cultural life of a community. The art form encompasses the expressive culture associated with the fields of folklore and cultural heritage.
He said material folk art can include objects that are historically made and used within a traditional community, adding that intangible folk art can include forms such as music, dance and narrative structures.
Rizwan said, “Each of these art forms, both tangible and intangible, was usually developed to serve a practical purpose. Once the purpose was lost or forgotten, there was usually no reason to continue transmission unless the object or action has been imbued with meaning beyond its initial practicality.
These artistic traditions are shaped by values ​​and norms passed down from generation to generation, most often within the family and community, through demonstrations, conversations and practices.
He further stated that folk art covers all forms of visual art made in the context of popular culture, but generally objects have some practical utility, rather than being purely decorative.


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