Anderson County College group doubled in size, donations appreciated


CLINTON, Tennessee (WVLT) – It’s Friday night and that means high school football time, which also means excitement for the group.

Sixth-grade students at Norwood Middle School are learning to play music and preparing to be sidelined someday.

“I just love making beats,” said sixth-grade student Mekhi Brown.

Mekhi’s father played in the group which inspired him to join.

“It makes me feel good because I can do anything I want to do,” Mekhi said.

Another sixth grader, Sophie Lawler, chose a saxophone because she said it sounded really good when she first listened to it.

Many students say that playing in a group is fun, but it can be difficult.

“I say sometimes it’s so hard and my friends were there right next to me and said no you should keep going, I really like that,” said sixth-grader Bayah Barker.

Group director Ezekiel Schloss said there has been a steady decline in the group but said he believes that is about to change.

“I think the kids were hungry for music again,” Schloss said.

He said he conducted an experiment by letting students play different instruments for a few weeks.

“What I have noticed is that many students are very curious about music in general. So getting all the kids to play the instrument has had a positive effect on the limbs this year, ”Schloss said.

As a result, the group’s attendance has more than doubled recently and Schloss said he enjoys the attendance. However, donations could help since middle and high schools share inventory.

“At the moment, we sort of ran out between the college inventory and the high school that has already donated instruments to us. We still have needs that it would be good to help, ”Schloss said.

If you would like to donate, you can email Ezekiel at [email protected]

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