Animal rights group calls for boycott of performers performing at Melbourne Cup



Birds of Tokyo, Sheppard, Waifia, Baker Boy and Hot Dub Time Machine are among the artists performing at Cup Carnival.

Anti-race campaigners have urged music fans to take part in a boycott of Australian musicians playing at this year’s Melbourne Cup.

A week-long free music festival for attendees with tickets to the 2022 Melbourne Cup has been targeted by the Racehorse Protection Coalition this week, with the organization calling on the public to boycott performing musicians to “endorse animal abuse”.

Labeling participating artists as “musicians to boycott” in a social media post, the animal rights group suggested a boycott of Australian artists performing at the Cup Carnival; which include Baker Boy, Birds of Tokyo, Sheppard, Waifia and Hot Dub Time Machine.

“The following musical artists perform at the Carnival of the Cup. If these are artists you follow, perhaps consider politely expressing your disappointment in their endorsement of animal abuse,” said the organization in a social media post.

For decades, animal rights activists have strongly encouraged Australians to boycott the Melbourne Cup race, on the grounds that it routinely results in cruel and unnecessary treatment of horses, with animals routinely sustaining injuries that lead to euthanasia. violent on race day.

Musicians performing as part of the run aren’t immune to criticism either, with American pop star Taylor Swift canceling her scheduled performance at the 2019 event due to “scheduling issues” that arose. posed after a campaign protesting his involvement in the race went viral.

However, in the wake of the heartbreaking devastation to Australia’s music industry from COVID-19, many seem to sympathize with the Australian artists taking part in the event, with online commentators chastising the animal rights group for having led a boycott against local musicians.



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