animals fly manually on miniature music boxes by mother-daughter artists


Miniature kinetic sculptures by the thomsons

Penny and Briony Thomson held their breath when one of their miniature sculptures went viral online earlier in June. In the video, two hands hold a small forest jar. Above the landscape, an owl watches the viewers, flying high as the handle on the right side is directed. The owl flaps its wings through the fine wires that puncture its body, soaring perfectly above the greenery and manually hovering through the mechanism of the sculpture which looks like a music box.

The act may seem simple, but the artistry and mastery the mother-daughter duo have invested in their craft is beyond words. The sudden spotlight takes over their business, and the Thomsons find themselves working more on their unique, hand-crafted kinetic sculptures while maintaining Penny Thomson’s signature in each piece. The mother-daughter shares that all of the materials she uses are recycled, repurposed, and reused, and judging by the look of their papier-mache products, viewers can’t doubt that.

pictures by Penny Thomson Works

Owls aren’t the only animals that dictate the Thomsons’ miniature music boxes. Dragons, whales, stingrays, turtles, chickens and even zebras have also appeared in their own stages, pecking at the ground for food, shaking their legs to leave or gliding gently through the air as if on their way. was water. In the artistic universe of the Thomsons, all living beings become one, from the owner of the kinetic sculptures that turn the crank to the artists behind the whimsical interpretations of the animal world.

The Thomsons ensure that every facet of the design receives attention. The jar is pastel colored and detailed with nature elements such as petals and leaves. The fine threads that push the floating sculptures sometimes bend or twist to impart softness to the gaze. Scanning the animals, the hyperrealism emerges as the Thomsons take their time recreating the physical characteristics of the animals they place in their miniature sculptures.

animals fly by hand on penny thompson works miniature sculptures
flying owl

Getting to know the Thomsons

While their trade name goes like Penny Thomson works, the miniature artists consist of Penny and Briony Thomson, and together they make intricate, quirky, and magical creations that have earned them an influx of fans and buyers. Their philosophy is to be sustainable, imaginative and innovative, hence the use of recycled materials to dot the creatures into their works.

Their deep passion for nature that shines through in all their craftsmanship is a prelude to their desire to protect the planet. Their artwork then serves as a reminder to owners that having one of their artwork in someone’s home, shelf or office signifies an acceptance to care for the environment and to take conscious steps to not not contribute to waste and climate change.

animals fly by hand on penny thompson works miniature sculptures
whale on wires

The mother-daughter artists have a home studio where they work with their two puppies and a cat named Concrete The Cat. These adorable fluffy pets have even appeared in a few of their online videos. While they both work in crafts, Briony, the youngest of Penny’s three children, takes care of the technical, financial and logistical aspects of their business. These parts of their operation seem to suit Briony’s niche, as she has worked in freelance marketing and management for several years.

Penny, who has worked for over 40 years as an artist and designer, takes over by experimenting with new materials and methods, always maintaining her frenzy for mechanical magic. Long ago, she began making her own mechanisms and developing techniques to create fluid movements and features of birds, bats and sea life. “This came along with my refined skills and knowledge of anatomy, painting and the use of papier-mâché”, she writes on his professional website.

animals fly by hand on penny thompson works miniature sculptures
dolphins on wire

Miniature sculptures sell easily

Struggling with the new attention and commissions that come with the peak of their success, Penny and Briony Thomson are filled with immense gratitude for the continued enthusiasm that the public has shown for their craft. They are excited to produce more magical creatures to their growing following. The pair write in their Facebook post that never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined where they are today. In fact, their products are trashed within minutes of posting their availability.

animals fly by hand on penny thompson works miniature sculptures
bat on miniature sculpture

In the Facebook announcement, the mother-daughter artists write that they release two to four new pieces every week, usually Friday and Saturday. They advertise them on their social media account before they go live on their Etsy shop. “If you don’t see any works for sale on our Etsy shop, they have all been sold”, the announcement continues. For those who haven’t, it looks like there’s still time in the near future. For now, let their social media videos fill the digital screen with a touch of nature through miniature kinetic sculptures.

animals fly by hand on penny thompson works miniature sculptures
a flying penguin

animals fly by hand on penny thompson works miniature sculptures
birds flying through kinetic sculpture

animals fly by hand on penny thompson works miniature sculptures
big plan


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