Backlash after Madonna reveals her team is working ‘for free’


Madonna has been criticized for sharing a violent image and revealing in her caption that members of her team work “for free”.

The pop legend posted a backstage snap showing photographer Steven Klein holding a knife to his throat. It was taken during her recent filming for V Magazine – herself controversial for having alluded to the death of Marilyn Monroe.

“Proud of my collaboration with @stevenkleinstudio For @vmagazine and knowing that against all odds and with very little support from non-artistic people who kept pushing back and the fact that we did it on a near zero budget we have still could do some ART! Art is not dead if you have the strength to fight for what you believe in !! ” part of Instagram photo caption since deleted.

“Thank you to everyone who supported us and slept on sofas and worked long hours and for free all to support Madame X who is not only there to disturb the peace but to keep Art alive, I send you all a BIG kiss. “

The image deleted since. CREDIT: Instagram / Madonna [via The Independent]

Social media users were quick to call out to Madonna, with one writing: “Fucked up on violence against women and the ‘art’ that represents her. Bye Bye” [via The Independent]. Others called the picture “horrible” and “no go”.

Elsewhere someone wrote: “Paying artists is also relevant” while another said: “The definition of exploitation = People working for you for free in the name of“ art ”.

The independent said he approached Madonna for comment.

The October shoot in question proved controversial. We see Madonna posing in positions similar to those of the last filming of Monroe, that of Bert Stern. The last session (1962), which was completed six weeks before the actress’ death.

In the V Magazine photos, Madonna wears blonde Monroe-style curls and is lying on a hotel bed next to prescription drugs.

Monroe died at the age of 36 from an overdose of prescription pills. She was found dead in her bedroom the next morning of August 4, 1962.

People criticized Madonna and the magazine for doing a shoot that touched on Monroe’s fate. One person wrote on Twitter: “For some morbid and strange reason, Madonna decides to recreate Marilyn Monroe’s deathbed. The black and white photo is actually Marilyn Monroe’s bedroom where she died.

In other news, the singer recently said there was “no debate or discussion” about COVID-19 vaccines thanks to fear imbued with “crop cancellation.”


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