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Here you will find information about all major banks and lenders offering loans. Within each bank or lender’s own article, you can read some about what interest rates and fees are offered, what kind of loans this lender has in its offering and some general information that may be good to know.

In there you will find current interest rates / fees for various loans such as private loans, mortgages and SMS loans depending on which lender you are looking at. This way you can quickly see how much a loan costs and what else applies to the lender in question.

You can also easily click through to all lenders’ own websites if you are interested in reading further or applying for a loan. You can apply for a loan directly through us by clicking ahead and applying directly online.

The importance of checking out lenders before borrowing

The importance of checking out lenders before borrowing

When you are thinking about borrowing money or starting to save on savings account etc and choosing a bank or other lender you should of course not just take the first best one you see or the same bank that your parents have used etc.

One should always consider all options and see what different lenders offer before choosing. There may be those who have clearly cheaper and better loans or better terms, service or otherwise and that can influence the choice.

So take the time to read a little about different banks / lending institutions before deciding. Instead of going to all their websites for information, you can get everything you need from us. We have gathered the most important info on lots of well-known lenders.

Look in and check out their range of loans and other banking services, check their interest rates and fees and see what requirements they have for you to be approved for a loan. You can then go ahead and make your choice.

You can easily find the cheapest loans with our comparisons


If you are looking for a loan and want to find the best and cheapest loan, you can save some time by looking at our loan comparisons.

This way you get different types of loans compared in flexible and clear tables and can see which bank or lender is the cheapest on that type of loan right now.

You can easily sort at the lowest interest rates or anything else that you think is important. You can also filter lenders by those who approve payment notes and the like, to find a loan that suits you more quickly.


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