Ben Barnes publishes “Best Part” cover with music group stories


2021 was the year of Ben Barnes! From the extremely successful role of Darkling on Netflix Shadow and bone, at the release of his first EP Songs for you. Barnes has shown that his talents extend from the screen to the realm of music and songwriting.

Over the Christmas season, Barnes and the group’s stories collaborated to breathe new life into the classic holiday song “This Christmas”. stories are a popular group with a constantly rotating cast of musicians and guest singers. The vibrations of the acoustic sound of the stories blend perfectly with Barnes’ soulful voice. Much to the surprise of fans, the dynamic duo have joined forces once again!

This time, Stories and Barnes covered a Daniel Caesar hit, featuring HER, “Best Part.” This stripped down version beautifully shows Barnes’ voice. Barnes has a soft, soothing voice that gives listeners the flexibility to really focus on the lyrics. In a world that is often so chaotic and hectic, it’s nice to have a reason to slow down and enjoy some quiet time.

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“Best Part” is just the latest in a growing list of Barnes’ journey into the world of music. With the release of Songs for you earlier this year, he displayed a writing and performing talent that thrills fans. I hope that over the coming year this list of collaborations will continue to grow!

For those who want to uncover more stories, I highly recommend going to their social media. Barnes Instagram followers will be used to seeing playful clips of the group performing together which he posted recently. Let’s just say the coating of the original Spider Man the song is to watch.

The “Best Part” collaboration is now available on Spotify! If you haven’t listened Songs for you yet, here’s our full review. Plus, if you’re just a fan of Ben Barnes in general, check out our post on everything he’s accomplished in his career so far. Be sure to follow Nerds and Beyond to continue to stay up to date!


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