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It’s game time!

After two years of a global pandemic, finding ways to pass the time (without turning on the TV) can be tricky, which is where trivia games come in. They’re fun to play and make great gift options for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries and other gift giving opportunities that will surely arise this year.

Music quizzes are great because they test your knowledge and you might even learn a few things while playing. It also doesn’t hurt that most music trivia games are under $20.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or buying a gift for someone else, we make it a little easier. Below, find a roundup of nostalgic, educational, and entertaining quizzes for all types of music fans. From classic rock to hip-hop and pop, these options will kick your game night up a notch.

Hip-hop auction to win quiz

the Hip-hop auction to win quiz is a battle-style trivia game that features over 600 questions organized into categories such as Tracklistings and Beefs & Controversies. Topics range from questions about hip-hop culture to songs and artists (Cardi B, Lauryn Hill, Rick Ross and Grandmaster Flash among them). The game, which is designed for at least two players ages 12 and up, comes with a boombox-style magnetic game board, 30 color-coded magnetic markers, 100 double-sided question cards, 36 auction cards , a dice and instructions on how to play.

Purchase: $20 at and

Mixtape Card Game

Before Tidal, Spotify, and Apple Music, homemade mixtapes were the easiest way to play your favorite songs. The Mixtape Card Game feels like a throwback card game modernized for the digital age. To start, one person draws a Scenario card from the deck, and the other players respond by playing the song (from a phone, computer, or other device) that best matches the card. Players will then vote to decide who wins each round.

Purchase: $20 at Uncommon Goods.

2000s Pop Music Card Game

Gather your friends and travel to the start of the millennium with this 2000s Pop Music Trivia card game. The game is designed for at least two players and includes 140 quiz cards that feature random musical trivia, end-of-line challenges, and questions about popular songs and artists of the era.

Buy: $9.48 at

MTV Game: The Music Party Quiz Board Game

The goal of this MTV trivia game is to collect at least one artist card from the eight categories of the MTV challenge. Categories include Pop Anthems, Headbangers, Teenage Angst, Hip Hop Hits, Queens of MTV, Award-Winning Videos, Best of Unplugged, and Across the Pond. This game is recommended for ages 14 and up.

Purchase: $185 on

Classic Rock Trivial Pursuit

Who’s ready to rock? If you like Trivial Pursuit, try the Classic Rock edition. The game features over 2,000 questions from six different categories covering the history, music, and more of classic rock bands and artists.

Purchase: $184 on

Name this melody

If you are looking for a cute and compact trivia game, Name this melody might do the trick. For starters, this tiny deck of cards is small enough to fit in your pocket and it’s a nice little gift that costs less than $10. This little game includes 50 trivial questions and challenges for players to complete. Whoever answers the questions correctly keeps the card. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

Buy: $9 at

Swiss musical IQ game

What is your music IQ? Designed for four or more players, Hevetic’s MusicIQ game is packed with fascinating stories and facts about different genres, iconic records, legendary concerts and festivals. From Beatles to Stormae, vinyl to streaming, bluegrass to hip-hop, MusicIQ offers over 400 multiple-choice questions for the ultimate music fan. The game is divided into two rounds and can be played with up to four teams. The first round of the game tests your knowledge, the second tests your memory.

Buy: $27.99 at

Rolling Stone, the music trivia game for anyone who’s ever heard a song

Like the MTV quiz game higher on the list, you don’t have to be a music fan to play this awesome game. From The Beatles to Bon Iver, the Rolling Stone musical trivia game for anyone who’s ever heard a song features over 150 popular artists from the 1960s to the 2010s. The game is divided into categories: a one-on-one tour and a round of charades. To start, two players from each team compete in a quick karaoke round where they pick a category card and name as many songs that match the card before the 15-second buzzer goes off. Both players move back and forth until only one remains. The winner will gain an advantage in the charades round where the winning player can draw six cards, three of which are given to their opponent. Both players have 30 seconds to describe the song to their respective teams (by humming it or playing it). Each team will receive a record for each correct answer. The first team with eight records wins the game.

Buy: $41.95 at

The Print Work Music Memory Game

Print Work’s Music Memory Card Game will test your knowledge of music and fashion. Players must identify iconic costumes – like Prince’s all-purple look in “Purple Rain” or Madonna’s infamous conical bra – and match artists to their songs.

Purchase: $19.25 on

Talking Tables Musical Party Game

The Music Night Party game has a little something for everyone. This eclectic trivia game is divided into six card categories, including Musical Shoutout, Kazoo Karaoke, and Next Line Challenge. The box includes two microphone props, four guitar props, four kazoos, a score poster, dozens of answer sheets, and a winner’s trophy. Music Night Party Game is recommended for at least two players aged 8 and up.

Buy: $41.85 at

Carpool Karoke Game

To like Carpool Karaoke? This might be the game for you. To play, select a song from your favorite streaming service or music app, then compete against other players in songs, dance moves, or celebrity trivia to rack up points. the Carpool Karaoke game is recommended for ages 12 and up.

Buy: $15.99 at


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