Blake Proehl Shares Secret Gift To Sing During ACL Rehab


Commentators on the video include his brother Austin, a Chargers practice receiver; his mother and father Ricky, who played 17 seasons in the NFL; Vikings teammates Alexander Mattison, Kellen Mond, Greg Joseph and Michael Pierce, among others; and league players such as Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen and Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

The “fire” emoji is used over and over again, as is the “surprised” face emoji.

Mattison was in the Vikings training room the morning after Blake posted the video but had yet to see it.

“I was having treatment and I quit because I heard someone hit a quick note behind me,” recalls Mattison, laughing. “[Blake] was on the table and I said, ‘Wait now, did you just hit that note?’ And he played it like he didn’t know how to sing, then told me to check his Instagram because he just posted. “

Mattison said he “saw the video and confirmed that note I heard – and beyond.”

An art lover who produced music himself, Mattison sent Blake’s video to his brother.

“I love hearing great voices, and my brother and I always send each other videos or songs that display ‘their voices’ as we call it,” Mattison said. “I sent his video to my brother. So he validated with me!”

Blake wasn’t necessarily caught off guard by the positive response, but he’s also unsure how to receive it.

“That’s one of the reasons I kept it in the background, because I wasn’t ready for that kind of recognition musically. It was so new to me,” Blake told . “It’s such a new world to me. I didn’t grow up taking it seriously, so it’s a whole other side of me that I never let out.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to post this, and then when I go to work tomorrow, it’s going to be a frenzy,'” he added, laughing. “This is overwhelming support, it really is. They all say, ‘Dude, can you sing ?! “”

That’s a fair response from those who know Blake as the receiver for East Carolina the Vikings signed as an undrafted free agent. His Minnesota teammates and coaches were in awe of Blake, who showed early flashes during minicamp and training camp before ending his rookie season with a ripped ACL suffered during joint training with Denver.


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