Blues rock band XANDER AND THE PEACE PIRATES release new single


Xander and the Peace Pirates, unique and much-loved classic soul blues-rock band, announce their highly anticipated new album, Order Out Of Chaos, which will be released on May 6, 2022. It is preceded by their explosive single “Leave The Light On”. released today, with a stunning video giving a tantalizing taste of the main course of songs to be unleashed on their upcoming album. Stream the single here or watch the video here.

The band reveals the selfless inspiration behind new single ‘Leave The Light On’: “This song expresses how kindness to the homeless can help bring both the giver of kindness and the receiver of that kindness back into the light of wholeness. When we meet a homeless person, who often struggles with mental illness and trauma, we ignore their suffering which is also within us. We turn away from what needs attention and healing because we fear it.

Order Out Of Chaos is full of comforting songs with intriguing meanings. There’s also a tumultuous sea of ​​sounds to discover on “Leave The Light On” that will send shockwaves through the ears of classic rock music connoisseurs. And creating musical shockwaves is something Xander and The Peace Pirates have specialized in since brothers Keith and Stu Xander were discovered on YouTube by former Gibson Brands CEO Henry Juszkiewicz and quickly caught the eye. attention from music industry figures such as Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Rolling Stones) and Rick Allen (Def Leppard).After their 5 year tenure as the resident band of Liverpool’s iconic Cavern Club, they continued to support Joe Bonamassa, Joe Satriani, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, The Temperance Movement, ex-Whitesnake’s Bernie Marsden and even Bon Jovi at Old Trafford Stadium to name but a few. It’s all the more remarkable that, defying the odds, singer and guitarist Keith Xander was born without a right arm below his elbow and plays his guitar using a prosthesis and a hook with a pick attached. at the end.

Although many who have seen Keith play think he is an extraordinary guitarist, he is a virtuoso musician with a unique guitar technique and his playing rivals the best in the industry. This has been proven because in 2016 the band released their debut album, titled “11:11”, on V2 Benelux Records, recorded at the famous Wisseloord studios in Hilversum, outside Amsterdam. The album went on to critical acclaim from Classic Rock, Planet Rock Radio and BBC Radio legend Bob Harris.

With haunting riffs, awesome melodies and a unique infectious charisma, Xander and the Peace Pirates continue to share their musical passion to standing ovations, while spreading a universal message of peace, love and harmony. There’s a whistle in the genius of the wind at play in the music the band creates, especially with Keith Xander’s singular guitar style that evokes the otherworldly musicality of Hendrix and his ilk that must to be heard and seen to be believed! the choice testimonials and excellent reviews the group has generated from the press and the music industry.

Pre-order the album, Out of Chaos, here.


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