Bootsy Collins, Steven Van Zandt Team for Climate Action on new song


Bootsy Collins, Steven Van Zandt and producer Chew Fu have teamed up to create a theme song for the Music4ClimateJustice festival, a series of events that will coincide with the United Nations Climate Change Conference (known as COP26).

The Music4ClimateJustice festival, organized by the non-profit association of the same name, will offer eight days of performances by more than 350 artists from around the world, with the aim of supporting efforts to combat the climate crisis. The festival will be officially launched on Thursday November 4 and will run until the end of COP26 on November 12, with performances broadcast on the Music4ClimateJustice event site.

Ahead of the launch, Bootsy, Van Zandt and Chew Fu shared their eponymous theme song Music4ClimateJustice – an explosion of fair and hopeful funk rock that finds Bootsy pondering the need for climate action while Van Zandt sets up a guitar solo. vertiginous that practically extends the length of the song. The track also arrives with a music video, directed by Bootsy. And on November 4, the song will be released as NFT, the first in a series designed to raise funds for the association.

In an email, Bootsy said Rolling stone how the theme “Music4ClimateJustice” was born, saying it started with the discovery of a track that Chew Fu had shown him while the bassist was working on his latest album, The Power of One. “Since we all have a stake in helping educate and save our planet, I thought it would be a great project for us to collaborate,” Bootsy said.

He continued, “I started to write lyrics about ‘Mother Earth giving birth’ to so many different races of living beings. I thought of the psychedelic 70s when music was our food that fed people and made us grow. I tweeted to Van Zandt and asked him to play lead guitar on it. He started spinning and gave me everything to master. Mother Earth is fatherless, with us alone to spread hope until we suffocate. So we have to help him in the decision making, because we all have to share the air, it makes sense to care! Funny when you think about it, we all have the same mother!

Other artists and celebrities are expected to appear at the Music4ClimateJustice festival, including Akon, Matthew Modine and Sean Astin. In addition to the nightly performances, the event will also include interviews and panels with business leaders, athletes and activists.


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