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The Caldwell County High School Band of Pride is in week two of their 2-week camp to prepare for the upcoming season.

Marching band season is all about learning new music and new moves to perform on the field each year. This year, the group will perform their show called “In Memoriam” based on the music from the movie Pearl Harbor which is being written by outside writers as well as local producers.

The high school orchestra is under the direction of Daniel Thomas who has held this position for 6.5 years. Thomas, a Logan County native, said he was excited about the marching band’s growth this year with about half of its new members in the marching portion of the program.

click to download audioThomas said that the group will participate in 3 to 5 competitions during this season where they will be judged on their musical performance, marching abilities and general visual appearance. He said their goal was to advance to the regional level and then to the state competition.

Mason Henry, a Caldwell County graduate, is director of the middle school orchestra and served as vice-principal at the high school for 6 years. He says it’s a rebuilding year with the number of students in the marching band about double from last year with 45 members. He added that it was a group of workers with a positive attitude.

click to download audioThe group’s field co-commanders are seniors Aislinn Wilkerson and Kelly James. During his second year as field commander, Wilkerson shared his goal for this year.

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Kelly James is in her 3rd year as Field Commander and said she wants the group to achieve as much as possible this year and leave a mark on the program.

click to download audioFreshman Jennifer Wright is a freshman member of the marching band and said she wanted to learn more about the music.

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Manager Thomas is looking forward to a great season and thinks the members have a better understanding of what it takes to be a band member as a result of camp and it’s harder than expected.

click to download audioEveryone is welcome to watch the Band of Pride in their competitions as well as local parades and football games.


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