Camila Cabello makes an ’embarrassing’ admission as a seasoned entertainer?


“The Voice” coaches Camila Cabello and Blake Shelton like to bring their humor offstage as well as in front of the cameras. In this particular joke, however, Cabello was forced to make an embarrassing confession about her musical knowledge.

As new episodes of season 22 of the popular NBC series continue to air, fans have grown accustomed to the duo teasing each other between their team members’ performances.

This time they took him out of the show. As seen in a recent TikTok video that went viral on the internet, viewers saw Blake poking fun at Camila’s musical knowledge. “People gave me shit over the years for not knowing certain songs,” he says in the short clip. “But Camila is next level.”

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When Blake begins to question Camila about her knowledge of popular rock artists, she humbly reveals that she knows nothing about the genre.

She later reveals that she only knows one song from Metallica and Van Halen, while she knows several more from Guns N’ Roses.

Although some viewers may be offended by Camila’s musical knowledge or lack thereof (she’s been in the music industry since 2012, when she auditioned for The X Factor), she does make some righteous comments later in the tape. .

“First of all, I was not born in America,” she explains, referring to her Cuban heritage. “And how many songs from the past 30 years do you know, Blake?” So calm down, abuelo. Camila is absolutely right, because every singer Blake asked her about had their biggest hits in the 1980s.

However, given that Blake has been on The Voice since the show debuted in 2011, it’s obvious he knows the music better than he’s letting on.

Lack of musical advice, Cabello is perfect. His latest track is just perfect for the upcoming holidays too.

Camila Cabello’s performance of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” is out. Last year, Cabello originally performed the song on “Michael Bublé’s Christmas in the City” on NBC. The original version of the song was on Amazon Music.

Cabello recently played the lead character in the 2021 Amazon Prime movie Cinderella. She performed her latest single, “Don’t Go Yet,” at the MTV Video Music Awards last month. This song features on his upcoming album, “Familia”, which was released earlier this year. It was Cabello’s third studio album, following “Romance” and his self-titled debut album. Cabello was a member of the hit girl group Fifth Harmony in the past.

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