Carrick U3A what it offers retirees and semi-retirees


One of the largest social groups for semi-retired or fully retired people is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and one of the largest local groups is helping to celebrate it.

U3A (University of the Third Age) was established in France in 1972 and ten years later U3A was established in the UK.

Carrick U3A has been around since 1990 and has had many members over the years. Today there are over 620 members and it is one of the largest in the UK with over 50 different groups and activities to keep everyone happy.

His area stretches from Truro to Falmouth and anywhere in between, but you can join wherever you live and that’s where Carrick’s name comes from.

rock n roll dance

The U3A is open to any semi-retired or fully retired person who wishes to register.

Their philosophy is to learn new skills, improve well-being by meeting new friends and having a good laugh.

Although called the U3A University of the Third Age, it has nothing to do with a university. You can learn different things, exercise and have fun, but all on your own.

There are many groups where you can learn languages ​​such as Italian, Spanish and French. Learn a new card game from Euchre, a Cornish card game, or Scrabble, Mah-jong or bridge.

Petangue on Gylly beach

Petangue on Gylly beach

There are several groups to keep you in shape. Sports like petanque, tennis court, table tennis, badminton, tai chi and yoga.

The social dance group is popular and you can learn or relearn or just dance.

If you are a bit more active and adventurous you can join the rock and roll band where the rhythm and movements are a bit more hectic! If line dancing is your thing, there’s a band for that too. Cornish Dance is another group that people might like.

“We’ve got something for everyone! With so much to choose from, you won’t have a minute to waste,” said Carrick band member Hilary Harrod.

“If you walk along the path near Gylly beach on a Monday morning you might see around 30 people playing bocce on the beach. This is our U3A group having fun in the Cornish air, sometimes very cool.

U3A sailing club

U3A sailing club

“It’s another popular group, and we often have people stop to watch us go by. Some of our groups involve discussions such as science and travellers’ stories. Both are really interesting to listen to.

“Our photography group comes together to take wonderful and interesting photos around the county and closer to home, and hold annual contests. Some of the photos are featured in our monthly magazine and are a delight to see.”

She says one of the most popular groups in the summer is croquet, with often 40 to 50 people showing up twice a week to play a game. Towards the end of the season they organize a tournament which is also very popular.

Croquet is very popular

Croquet is very popular

Although not strictly a U3A group, the current chairman of the group has organized a trip to a hotel near Okehampton once a year for around 16 years, and it often has up to 70 people wishing to leave for a non-stop week of fun and activities. and good food.

There they can try new crafts such as pottery or glass engraving or simply take part in the tournaments they organize in badminton or tennis court, ice curling, etc. They also have live bands, which include jazz appreciation, a choir, and a handbell band.

Going forward, the group said they aim to add more activities in the near future, including archery, opera and cycling.

Petangue on Gylly beach

Petangue on Gylly beach

As it is the 40th anniversary of U3A in the UK and coincides with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, a garden party is planned in a member’s garden.

To join there is a nominal subscription of £23 per year.

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