Cody Simpson qualifies for Australia National Swim Team – Billboard


Cody Simpson has officially made the Australian National Swim Team. On Wednesday, May 18, the pop star competed at the 2022 Australian Swimming Championships in Adelaide and qualified for the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

During the first day of the sporting event, Simpson swam the 100-meter butterfly and placed third at 51.96 seconds behind Olympians Matt Temple (51.50 seconds) and Kyle Chalmers (51.67 seconds) .

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“It’s a dream come true. I swam well this morning and so much progress since last year,” the “Golden Thing” singer said after the race according to the Australian outlet. Barrons. “I didn’t even think I would be competitive remotely until this year at the earliest, so being part of the team is just a bonus on the way to Paris. [for the 2024 Olympics].”

While Simpson clearly has his eye on the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, he will swim for the first time at the Commonwealth Games against athletes from over seventy countries in July in Birmingham, England. His result at this year’s championships is a marked improvement on his performance at the 2021 Olympic swimming trials, where he placed last in the same event.

The singer’s big win comes just weeks after the release of his fourth album, released in early April via Coast House Collective. The eponymous studio contains the singles “Nice to Meet You” and “Let Go” as well as Ben Harper’s collaboration “It’s a Dream”.

Simpson also opened up about her breakup with ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus while promoting the album, explaining that her decision to return to her home country to focus on training as she prepares for pull out the 2020s plastic hearts forced the couple to face a proverbial fork in the road.


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