Cradle Of Filth Tease Upcoming Projects: “As a band we have a lot of exciting things planned for 2022”



Cradle Of Filth Tease Upcoming Projects:

According to Blabbermouth, extreme British metalheads Cradle of Filth have teased plenty of upcoming projects, including live shows, the continuation of their Incendium comic book series, and other collaborations. Vocalist Dani “Filthy” Davey said, “As a band we have a lot of exciting things planned for 2022.”

Davey shared a year-end post with fans of the group on Instagram while looking ahead to the New Year. He wrote: “First of all, in this festive address, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. May it be productive and fruitful and delicious for all of you! Although 2021 is another plague year and doesn’t see much action in the live department, it has witnessed the release of our new album ‘Existence Is Futile’. It also allowed us to do a partial tour of the album in the US, where we played both video tracks alongside favorite fans, as we led our “Cruelty And The Beast” world tour.

He then praised some of their live shows. “Elsewhere, some live events took place despite the voracity of the virus, including the awe-inspiring Bloodstock attended by just over 20,000 excited Metal fans who were absolutely gagged at the prospect of returning to a big live show afterwards. so long.

Davey is also looking forward to 2022. “As a group, we have a lot of exciting things planned for 2022, including the continuation of our Incendium comic book series and our ever-expanding toys and drink line, but also many potential dates live. / collaborations / aberrations / trinkets & trinkets / strange exotic darksome and especially music! ⁣ ”

Back in October, the cradle of dirt performed a solo show in New York without their two opening groups, 3Teeth and Once Human, due to COVID. They recently released their album Existence is futile in November and started releasing singles earlier in September. One of them included the track “Necromantic fantasies. ”




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