Don’t stalk K Pop artists, SEVENTEEN agency warns


SEVENTEEN has become one of K-pop’s biggest groups. With love and popularity rising, hatred and jealousy of others also grow. The same also happens with the members of the group SEVENTEEN.

Music label SEVENTEEN Pledis Entertainment has issued a stern warning to stalkers, who are stalking the band and threatening them.

The agency said, “Seventeen leave and enter Korea and other countries, there have been repeated activities threatening the safety of artists, such as excessive physical contact and taking photos or videos of near or using the same flight with the performer with ill-gotten information, indiscriminately taking photos in areas of the airport where photography is not permitted and causing discomfort and inconvenience to others by blocking the path of other passengers, using inappropriate language and creating noise and commotion.”

The points of the SEVENTEEN Agency guidelines read:

1. Please do not visit unofficial engagement venues or private areas.
2. Please do not stalk artists.
3. Please do not sell or buy artists’ personal information.
4. Please do not take photos or record video or audio unless permitted.
5. Please do not interfere with artist-related activities.
6. Please do not engage in other inappropriate actions.

So be careful, stalker, before stalking SEVENTEEN group or members anywhere.

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