‘Dynamite’: BTS’s first Asian group to top Apple Music’s most listened to songs in 2021


As the year draws to a close, we have charts and platforms bringing their data together to check out what is the most engaging project of 2021. With ‘Squid Game’ watched in over 90 countries, we already know that the K-drama will be a strong contender for the most watched Netflix show. And it looks like South Korea is taking over in other areas like music as well. Global K-pop group BTS have released some iconic English hits over the past year, such as “Dynamite”, “Butter” and “Permission to Dance”.

We have also seen them make history in various fields such as the President’s Special Envoys for the 76th United Nations General Assembly, the first Asian act to win the “Artist of the Year” Grand Prize at AMAs and now they have sold-out concerts. BTS is hosting their first offline concert series after more than two years. And fans gathered to see their favorites perform, making BTS the first act to sell four concerts at SoFi Stadium, LA. It is also the first time that live performances have been shown on YouTube Theater for international fans.

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BTS Record (BTS / Weverse)

BTS, the 1st Asian group to top the charts of the most listened to Apple Music songs

Apart from that, BTS again set a record on the music streaming platform Apple Music. On November 30, Apple Music released year-end rankings of various criteria such as Most Played and Most Read Lyric charts. Their goal is to highlight the greatest songs that have marked the world over the past year. And 2021 is a good year for K-pop, because we also have a lot of non-fans who are branching out and eventually giving in to Korean artists. BTS’s English song, ‘Dynamite’, is the most streamed song on Apple Music in 2021. The single was released in August 2020 and had broken records and topped multiple charts like iTunes, Gaon and Billboard.

“Dynamite” makes BTS the first Asian group to top Apple Music’s Most Played Song chart. Additionally, their recent release, ‘Butter’ was also on the No.21 list. ‘Dynamite’ also ranked No.4 on the 2021 Most Read Lyrics chart, followed by ‘Butter’ at No.13. Apple Music shared that due to the pandemic, many people were stuck in their homes and were turning to music for convenience. The most played songs from October 2020 to October 2021 that they compiled reflect the hope that the songs have given to everyone. They added, “What they all have in common, from hip-hop newbies to a wave of Japanese artists striving to stream to a K-pop juggernaut poised to take over the planet, is that ‘they brought comfort and catharsis at a time when we all needed them the most. “

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