Emerging EDM Artist Dosk Announces New Music And Upcoming Shows



Published on September 30, 2022 |
by Paul Hernández

The music industry is currently dominated by a whole new era. The majority of emerging artists around the world have made themselves known on social media. It might be difficult for many seasoned artists to adapt to this unique approach. The younger generation of musicians seems to be shaping the culture right now.

No artist can currently compete with Electronic Dance Music, which has established itself as the dominant genre in the music industry.

Only a small number of musicians are able to become famous for their particular sounds and measures that have the ability to change people’s outlook. It’s thanks to these OGs who set the bar so high. Today allow us to introduce you to DJ Dosk.

Dosk is an emerging young musical star from Philadelphia, PA. He was raised in a musical environment since his father was a producer, which pushed him to pursue this career in particular. He wanted to be a producer himself and work with well-known artists in the future.

Its target audience is those who relate to the lyrics and melody. Dosk feels surreal when his listeners tell him they connect with the song, which produces a sense of pride and satisfaction.

Being in the EDM industry, I know there’s a lot of music that doesn’t need a lyrical element, but for me, it’s really essential. I love music that I can not only enjoy melodically, but also lyrically. said DJ Dosk. “My main goal is to find people who connect with words and melody.”

He puts a lot of effort into making each DOSK performance unique for each person who attends. He continually strives to keep his fans in mind when writing songs and performing. For everyone to just be themselves and dance, they want to be known for attracting diverse crowds to their shows.

He lists Carnage (Gordo), Diplo, Martin Garrix, Skrillex, Russ and DJ Snake as his musical heroes. Due to DJ Snake’s prowess as a global music producer, he hopes to collaborate with him.

He has a new mix coming out in September (Power Hour 5) and a few tracks coming out as well. Either as a single or in an EP. He also just announced his DosKrew Fall Tour!


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