Every time I die, I broke


Every Time I Die have announced their split following a run-in with singer Keith Buckley. The announcement was shared by various members of the legendary group, which lasted from 1998 to 2021.

Fans can see statements from Jordan Buckley and Andy Williams below. Keith Buckley has yet to make a public statement about the breakup:

Andy, Jordan, Steve and Goose’s last show with Every Time I Die was on December 11, 2021. While we were hoping to reach an agreed upon legal statement outlining the truth, we were notified today of something to be released was not mutually agreed. on which consists of inaccuracies and controls a narrative for the benefit of one.

There was no direct communication with Keith because either it is impossible to communicate directly with him or we were cut off from any communication by himself.

Every Time I Die was those 5 members, and we never moved or accepted any change. Simply, there is no truth to the band continuing with a new singer. Finally, we wouldn’t be where we are today without everyone who has supported the band in every way. Although we are extremely disappointed with how it went online in front of you, your support and the memories we have thanks to all of you will always be cherished.

See you soon. Grateful forever,

Andy, Jordan, Steve & Goose

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