Filipino-Australian songwriter writes K-pop idol group iKON’s title track in new album – Reuters


K-pop boy group iKON will release their fourth mini album “Flashback” on May 3, and a Filipino-Australian singer-songwriter has penned their lead track.

Vetta Borne (real name Maribelle Anes) is one of the songwriters behind “But You”, the title track of iKON’s upcoming album.

Filipino-Australian singer, songwriter and producer Vetta Borne (left) and iKON (Instagram)
Vetta Borne, aka Maribelle Anes, is one of the songwriters for iKON’s lead track “But You” in their upcoming album “Flashback” (Twitter)

On Twitter, Vetta Borne answered fan questions and said she was Filipino.

“I am a pure-blood Filipino. I live in Australia. Yes, I’m a fag. My full name is Maribelle Anes but my stage name is Vetta Borne. My favorite dessert is halo-halo,” she wrote.

Regarding iKON’s new album, Vetta Borne said, “Yeah, I’m glad ‘but you’ are coming out!!!! are you?!”

“But You” is Vetta Borne’s first time writing for a K-pop artist.

“I work so hard but I have to remember to look up and realize how amazing the things I’m doing are…my first time writing kpop is for the huge label YG…and I wrote the track TITLE for the Ikons album???? It’s so huge that I deserve a good dessert tonight,” she said.

She added, “First song. Can’t believe I’m getting my first kpop cut soon!”

According to YG Entertainment, “But You” will show “how all the members made different attempts. Please look forward to their music, which will show a different color than they showed before.

“Flashback” is iKON’s comeback in one year and two months since the release of digital single “Why Why Why” in March 2021.

iKON (Twitter)

Previously, she used the stage name Maribelle and then moved on to Vetta Borne, who she said was to pay homage to her grandmother.

She said her Filipino family loves music.

“I grew up in a Filipino family so they are very, very musical. My dad plays guitar, my parents were in a church choir so I was always surrounded by that. Even growing up, my sister wrote songs…in secret! But I’d steal his little diary and I’d all be like, ha-ha, I’m gonna write a melody for this! (laughs) But I just – I’ve always been surrounded by that, but you know, they like me to be involved in the music as well,” she said, according to Acclaim magazine.

Vetta Terminal (Instagram)

When asked to describe who Vetta Borne is, she replied, “I don’t know, I think a lot of people would know me as Maribelle who is – I’ve released music under the name of Maribelle, but I would say that Vetta Borne is a … a new female dog. She is an elevated version of Maribelle and just a more in touch version of Maribelle.

Vetta Borne wrote songs for other artists before becoming a singer.

“I mean I was writing songs for a lot of other artists before I even thought about becoming a singer. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, even when I was a kid and I found myself sinking naturally in this world. It was more other people and artists asking me why I’m not doing an artist project and I was like, you’re right, why am I not doing an artist project? I can sing, I can sing a little! So honestly, like the artists and the manager, they were the people who pushed me to be an artist,” she said.

She is also a producer and said, “Producing the EP has been so freeing. I have a lot of creative freedom and I have a little more confidence in myself than before because I’m the only person in the room who asks (laughs) if I think an idea is cool, so that definitely shaped in a certain way that I know myself better and know the things that I love about music and how to finish them as well, and still make them feel genuine and genuine.




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