Get the best lyrical and melodic hip-hop essence with KCG artist’s new song, “Summer Rain”


Upcoming musical artist KCG is ready to release the single, ‘Summer rain‘featuring the best melodic, lyrical and thematic sequences of modern hip hop.

Hip-hop and rap artist KCG is ready to deliver the best of his creative attitude with his next single, ‘Summer rain‘. The new song is slated for release on August 17 in association with Ghetto Heaven Records. The song is already critically acclaimed and enjoys tremendous support from the media, which will lead to a successful release. The song has the potential of every creative and thematic component of hip hop. The artist acts as a medium in the song allowing the progression of each element through a compelling production series. The use of new age and old age streaks helps to allow for a composition that rightly respects the history and modern richness of hip hop and rap.

Artist Rickey Lamar Williams, known by his stage name, KCG is delighted with the new version, as are the public and the media. With ‘Summer rain‘, people will see a new side of hip hop that has rarely been explored before. The artist is from Chicago and his natural instincts as a hip hop and rap artist are evident in every drop of blood. The new song will definitely help him reach the global platform. Stay tuned for its new release on August 17th.


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