Get your dose of narrative rhyme from supreme artist METAPHYSICAL in his song ‘The Dirt’


The most enjoyable feeling is when you can relate to a song exponentially. The Supreme Musical Artist METAPHYSICAL delivers her best foot with her song ‘Dirtiness’.

Ecstatic musical vibes can be overwhelmed by worthy diction METAPHYSICAL can levitate your consciousness. He is a devoted master of ceremonies, fearing God and following the path accordingly. Its narration diction is very charming and very inspiring as you are ready to invest your time in a song which can have a vivid impression of life and various things associated with life. One of his songs ‘Dirtiness’ will get you thinking and give you the much-needed prolific loving vibes that you can keep going for a long time.

Being homeless for more than 4-5 years, he faced many lawsuits and courts in his life though he never gave up on his dreams. He continued to write songs and compose them in his spare time; nothing is heartbreaking and motivating to see a gem of someone facing difficulties make the most of it. The song ‘Dirtiness’ is a representation of his time facing life and keeping his dreams alive.

His journey and his music are truly an inspiration to many, not only those associated with the music industry, but people in general. His music catalog has yielded songs like ‘Kept Dumb’, ‘The Dirt’, ‘Gene Rodenberry Theory’, ‘Figures Thieves Just Like Us’, ‘Anonymous’, ‘Go Fish’, ‘Hustlers Brew’, ‘Medicinals’, ‘The Power of Snacks’, ‘Human New Face Lift’ and many more. He will surely continue to make more of these tracks in the future. The music of METAPHYSICAL is available on Reverbnation, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Apple Music and Spotify.

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