Hawaiian boy band Crossing Rain is building a following with K-pop fans


HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) — Supergroup BTS has inspired many boy band imitators, but Crossing Rain is not one of them.

The made-in-Hawaii group has a growing fan base of its own and a dream to break into the international K-Pop scene.

“They have amazing videos, amazing costumes, makeup, choreography. We want to try to do the same but adding our own taste to it,” said band member Devin Teruya.

Wyatt “Monarch” Kaneshiro, Asher Morgado, Jorden Kealoha-Yamanaka, Shotaro Takasawa, Evan “Haru” Doria and Teruya have been brought together by talent agents.

“We had an audition process where we sent in a tape of us singing and dancing as well so they could watch us and see if we’re a good candidate,” Kaneshiro said.

Crossing Rain ― XR for short ― is between 12 and 21 years old. All members have performance training. They write some of their music and choreograph all of their dance moves.

“I remember the first time I taught these guys choreography on one of our songs called ‘Tango.’ Man! It was a struggle teaching with a group and making angles. It’s tough, but we got through it,” said Morgado.

“The harmonies take a lot of practice, ear practice, but the dancing takes body coordination, so it really levels out,” Kealoha-Yamanaka said.

Their album “Dreams” was released in December on 150 music platforms and it’s doing well.

“We look at the data, see which songs are performing better than others. I think the whole album was very well received, so we’re really happy about that,” Doria said.

Crossing Rain have played a few shows, but the big one is coming February 26th at Blaisdell Concert Hall. Then they go to California for more shows.

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