Hear Mau and Ricky team up with Carin León for “Llorar y Llorar”


Mau y Ricky, the pop duo made up of brothers Mauricio Reglero Rodriguez and Ricardo Reglero Rodriguez, never shied away from unexpected pop fusions. On their new track “Llorar y Llorar”, they wanted to try to incorporate and experiment with Mexican sounds, and who better to help them than Mexican singer-songwriter Carin León? León, an artist born in Sonora, has built up a huge fanbase since leaving Grupo Arranke in 2018. He joins the guys for a tearful ballad that shows just how popular musica Mexicana has become in the past two years.

“We feel like we’re finally connecting our music to a sound that’s been part of our lives since we were kids,” Ricky said in a statement. “I’m very proud of this song.” Mau added: “Working with Carin has been wonderful. I feel like we managed to unite the two worlds with a song that feels as much like his as it does ours. He also shares that he hopes the collaboration is one of many more to come.

Previously, the brothers teamed up with Eladio Carrion for “No Puede Ser,” a bright and energetic electro-pop song like a carnival ride. The accompanying video had a sense of humor and followed the guys as they raced through an amusement park, chased by a crying clown. They released their album Rifrish in 2020.


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