Independent Artist Hot Lemon Ginger Ho


It’s both natural and supernatural, fantastic and real, temporal and spiritual – a radical and intense piece. ‘Mother’, a unique and refreshing track with poetry hidden in its folds, is the latest offering from independent artist Rizwan Razack aka Hot Lemon Ginger Honey (HLGH). The song, a mother’s prayer to her son, has a psychedelic tone, transporting the listener into many eerie, wild and ethereal dimensions.

The single is loosely based on a true story. According to HLGH, Mother is not a song, but a piece with a moving monologue in the middle. He fuses different styles and cultures in a surreal effort to vocalize the enigma.

The song was conceived seven years ago when HLGH connected with a woman via email and she shared her life story with him. “She told me about her life and her son. She shared her poems. I asked her if I could do a song about it and she was excited, ”HLGH recalls.

The song has two parts. The first part, in English, is written by the Mother herself, while the second, in Malayalam, was written by the writer Raju Kumaraswamy. In the song, the mother begs her son to accomplish his goal and set her free. He is asked to end duality in the world and embrace oneness.

“Mother is based on a true story, but it contains an element of fantasy. In the first part, the mother alludes to her emotional relationship with her son. The second part is an interpretation of the emotional journey of the mother, ”he adds. “The mother calls her husband a ‘fantastic father’. The lyrics and the song sail on fine lines differentiating spirituality, reality and fantasy, ”explains HLGH.

HLGH was the singer and rhythm guitarist for Backwater Blues. He has also been a freelance musician who collaborates with independent bands and artists. “Through music, I hope to find my tribe and my tribe finds me,” says HLGH, who works as a content coordinator for an advertising agency.

The song was designed to carry you away with its theatricality, rhythm, melody and poetry. “Mother is for those who seek the abnormal in the normal. It’s not a generic number, ”explains the artist who resides in Thiruvananthapuram. Aravindh S Krishna (percussion), Amata Sara Boban (backing vocals), Ebi Michel (bass guitar) and Arun Nath Kailas (art) collaborated on the track.

“I want to make the kind of music that I want to listen to, or that I want to listen to – music without barriers, restrictions, rules and expectations. Art is a vocation. I make music in homage to this vocation, ”he says. The six-minute, 38-second track was released on all major music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Saavn.


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