Indonesian metal band Burgerkill introduce new singer with video for ‘Road of Chaos’


Indonesian metal band Burgerkill shared “Road of Chaos,” their first song with a new singer – and was added to the 2022 lineup at Germany’s Wacken Open Air festival.

The visual for the track was posted on YouTube via the local imprint BKHC Records on Saturday December 18th. “Road of Chaos” marks Burgerkill’s first song with new singer Ronald Alexander Radja Haba, according to local media.

The singer, also a member of death metal band Carnivored, replaces Burgerkill’s latest frontman Vicky Mono, whose band’s departure became public in August.

Watch the music video below.

On Sunday December 19, Burgerkill was announced as a new addition to the upcoming Wacken Open Air festival, which will take place August 4-6, 2022. The band will perform at the German festival alongside their compatriots Voice of Baceprot.

“Road of Chaos” comes months after the death of Burgerkill founding guitarist Aries “Eben” Tanto. “It’s been over 100 days since Ebenz passed away. It’s not easy to fix a machine that has lost a component of what it was before, ”the group wrote on Facebook shortly after the song’s release.

“Slowly we will continue to move forward, the machine that has been restored is now warmed up and ready to hit the road.”

Eben, who was 46, died in September after collapsing while Burgerkill was filming a performance. The tragedy occurred less than a month after the group announced a change in their formation following the departure of longtime singer Vicky Mono.

At the time, some fans believed ex-DeadSquad frontman Daniel Mardhany would replace Vicky Mono after Mardhany shared a photo of him performing with the band. Mardhany then debunked the rumors, saying he was happy to be able to jam with the members of Burgerkill as he considers their late founding singer Ivan Scumbag to be one of his biggest influences.

In an interview with Musikeras On Sunday, December 19, Burgerkill lead guitarist Agung Hellfrog said that “Roar of Chaos” marks the official formation of the Bandung-based band’s latest lineup.

Agung also confirmed Ronald’s entry into the Burgerkill fold, adding that his addition to the line-up was not a rushed decision by the group as they recruited him shortly after Vicky Mono left.

“We had actually practiced three to four times [with Ronald] adapt. Not in terms of hearing but for shows, ”Agung said.

Prior to ‘Road of Chaos’, Burgerkill collaborated with former Dewa 19 frontman Ahmad Dhani on a cover of the latter group’s song ‘Elang’.

Since its formation in 1995, Burgekill has recorded five studio albums starting with “Dua Sisi” in 2000. After Ivan Scumbag’s death in 2006, Burgerkill recorded three more albums: “Venomous” in 2011, “Adamantine” in 2018 and “Killchestra” from last year. – with Vicky Mono.


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