Interviewing the locals: Tyler Baumgart


“I AM YOUR NEW BEST GAY FRIEND. Tyler Baumgart (aka TeawhYB) is known throughout the Chippewa Valley for his great music and outgoing personality. But beyond the stage and the tracks in your earphones and headphones, he’s a big supporter of social justice, fairness, public safety, and the dance floor at Scooter’s.

Tyler Baumgart is known throughout the Chippewa Valley by his stage name “TeawhYB”. Why? Because this alt-hip-pop artist connects divergent communities through good vibes, compassion and – perhaps most importantly – his music. Beyond the stage, Baumgart is a big believer in the arts, social justice and fairness, and public safety – as well as fried foods. “I’m your new gay best friend,” he said.

Deathbed, a meal from a local restaurant, what would it be?

Mel Burger, fried waffles, fried mushrooms and a side of Court’n House ranch.

Describe a rewarding experience you had in the Chippewa Valley.

A few years ago Ivy Media did a music video for one of my songs called “Saturday”, and we teamed up with the North High School choir class. The video was featured on WQOW News 18, and Justin Esterly was dancing. Naturally, Shannon and Katie from the press team told Justin he was having “daddy dance moves.” So I asked if I could come on set to show them all the Bob Ross Dance. Long story short, they let me in and I did the Bob Ross dance on the weather screen. Top 10 moment of life for sure.

Favorite local song?

Cait McGarvey – “Don’t worry baby.”

What part of town do you consider to be a regular?

I don’t go out a lot, but Scooter’s. More precisely, the dance floor.

What is your passion?

Such a loaded question. (My) greatest passions are creating and playing music. Sometimes I feel like I don’t fit into my surroundings, but I definitely discovered something through music. There is nothing more rewarding than delivering an energetic set where people dance, laugh and have fun. My goal is always to help people forget the stresses of life, even temporarily. Life is too short not to take advantage of it.

What frustrates you about Eau Claire?

There is a lack of brunch places that serve alcohol. We need more. The ideal Sunday would be to go (insert new restaurant brunch) and have a Bloody Mary with my meal and who knows? Maybe it’s a drag brunch and we’re leveling up.

What’s your favorite local story?

You can have up to five hens living on your property in Eau Claire.

Rock Fest or Country Fest?

Clear waters. (If I had to choose from though: Country Fest although I respect the Snoop Dogg reservation by Rock Fest.)

What do you think the Chippewa Valley really needs?

A late night restaurant in Barstow. Water Street is definitely winning this game. For real, can we at least have a taco truck? Fried chicken sandwich? Once again, this is the ideal Eau Claire.


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