Issa Rae celebrates the official soundtrack release of Rap Sh! T with the cast members


Rap Sh! has quickly gained popularity among Issa Rae fans since its debut on HBO Max. With a passion-driven plot and a complementary soundtrack inspired by the sounds of Miami, audio-everywhere company Raedio, which oversees music oversight – including STARZ, HBO, Netflix, HULU and more, plus feature films – transforms stories through sound.

On Wednesday, August 24, 2022, Raedio celebrated the soundtrack to this summer’s hit series in Los Angeles at a small gathering of friends and family with cast members Issa Rae and Rap Sh! t. The evening included craft cocktails, small bites, complementary custom jackets from Levi’s, and special performances by cast and artists from the soundtrack.

Fans got a taste of Rap shit! soundtrack from Los Angeles hotspot Mama Shelter with its first single, “Seduce & Scheme” featuring Shawna & Mia (main characters of the show played by Aida Osman & KaMillion).

Raedio president Benoni Tagoe notes that development of the soundtrack took months because many songs were products of Camp Raedio, a songwriting initiative designed to give artists and songwriters the opportunity to to use their music in projects across Raedio’s various divisions.

“The Miami Songwriting Camp served as a creative hub for songwriters and artists to produce original music for the show and soundtrack. We are thrilled with the outcome and can’t wait for listeners to hear the entire album,” Tagoe explained.

Fan favorites like Shawna & Mia’s “Seduce & Scheme” and second single, “Nann Badder,” tracks from the show were included on the season one LP, which was produced by the creator of the show, Issa Rae. It also included brand new original music from Dreezy, Tokyo Jetz, Jean Deaux, BEAM and Raedio acts as TeaMarrr.

“Rap Sh!t: Original Series Max Soundtrack”

  1. Allure & Scheme (Car Freestyle) – Shawna & Mia
  2. Seduce and Conspire – Shawna & Mia
  3. Slob on My – Dreezy, Wifeybaby, Tim Gent and Vicky Vuittan
  4. Stank Ass Walk – Jean Deaux, TT the artist and Alex Mali
  5. Do It – Kiddo Marv and Dreezy
  6. Just Roll – Tokyo Jetz
  7. Freak A Leak – OG Kurb and WiLLiE
  8. Collins Ave – Beam and OG Kurb
  9. FU Money – NCognita and Teamarr
  10. Walk with a Walk – Hood Brat, TT the Artist and BranBaby
  11. Molly Poppin – Hood Brat and OG Kurb
  12. Scam Bitch – King Bucc
  13. Nann Badder – Shawna & Mia
  14. Tongue (Bonus Track) – Reina Reign

With the music serving as the soul of the series, Rae says the official soundtrack not only embodies the characters, but also serves as a love letter to Miami and its distinct sound. Fans have already witnessed Rae’s dedication to supporting the underdog, listening to the soundtracks she chose for the TV show Insecure.

To capture the Florida sound, Rae suggested the Raedio team carefully select writing camps. Rae wanted the artists who portrayed the music featured on the show to match the roles of Shawna and Mia.

“I emphasized in the script that the lyrics had to hit hard. Performance and swagger were all that mattered. Dreezy is a lyrical beast, so we were lucky to have him on board as a writer. I wanted her to portray Shawna’s voice because I imagined her character had incredible lyrical talent,” Rae says.

According to Christina “Xtina” Prince, general manager of label and publishing at Raedio, the majority of the artists on the soundtrack are camp radio artists. Ensuring that the soundtrack was a great representation of women going through the same things as the show’s characters was a key part of the camp selection process.

“We wanted to feature songs that represented women as well as the sound of Miami. Despite the fact that Jean Deaux is from Chicago and not from Miami, his song, ‘Stank Ass Walk’, fit the aesthetic we were looking for. the fact that we were able to provide opportunities for underrepresented women, many of whom you may be hearing for the first time, was simply the luck of the draw,” Prince expresses.

Seduce & Scheme, the hit single, has gained popularity on many Tik Tok and Instagram reels.

As they were developing the script and thematic ideas for the music, Philippe Pierre, Vice President of Music Supervision and Library, explains that Rae had always wanted to have an anthem. “She wanted a track that would gain momentum. The script gave us a number of clues that helped us determine the vibe we should convey.”

The Raedio team trusted a select group of writers who had recently worked on the Insecure writing camp. One of the artists that Pierre and his team wanted to continue building a relationship with was Miami sensation Pineapple City.

“Issa arrived on one of the first days of the writing camp and gave the writers a direction on what they were looking for. From there we worked on capturing the vision for the show and the sound “, explains Peter.

Raedio has also released the short documentary “RAP SH!T: Crafting The Sonics of Miami” to accompany the soundtrack, which focuses on the process of making the project and the importance of accurately capturing the authenticity of 305. YouTube currently has the documentary available.

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