Jack Harlow says his team didn’t want him collaborating with Lil Nas X


25 October 2021, 17:20

“Some people think some things are wrong.”

Jack Harlow revealed that his team initially didn’t want him to collaborate with Lil Nas X on their hit song “Industry Baby”.

In July, Lil Nas X released their iconic track “Industry Baby” starring Jack Harlow alongside a video that practically broke the internet. In the video, which raised funds for The Bail Project, Lil Nas X escapes from a men’s prison and performs a completely naked dance routine in the shower, surrounded by oiled-up dancers.

The song debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and has remained in the top 10 ever since. But last week, “Industry Baby” finally reached No. 1, making it Jack’s highest record to date.

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Jack Harlow and Lil Nas X

Jack Harlow and Lil Nas X.

Photo: Alamy, Colombia

However, Jack has now revealed that his team members originally didn’t like the idea of ​​him working with Lil Nas X on “Industry Baby.” “I had people in my corner who didn’t recommend me to do this song, who didn’t want to watch this video, you know?” Jack said in a recent interview with GQ.

“But I just realized that there is a fundamental difference with the way the world is seen by some people. Some people think that certain things are wrong. Don’t hate gays – they think it’s wrong, whether it’s religion or some other reason. But to me, I’ve never been like that. Never. “

Luckily, Jack shrugged off the background noise and continued with the # 1 mapping collaboration. In fact, he got pretty close to Lil Nas X. The duo publicly supported each other on social media and brushed off homophobic comments. that the video received.

He continues: “This is what attracted me [Lil Nas X] as an artist: he is in the foreground, without fear. But, you know, there is a long way to go. There are people who will always have the impression that you force their throats and that they will convert the children … “

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Lawrence Chaney and Victoria Scone

Lawrence Chaney and Victoria Scone.

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