James Webb Space Telescope live updates: Joe Biden and NASA chief to release first image of ‘deepest view’ of cosmos


US President Joe Biden and NASA chief Bill Nelson are set to reveal the first image from NASA’s new space telescope, the deepest view of the cosmos ever captured.

Follow all updates in our live blog.

Live updates

By Jessica Riga

The important event

This is the picture we’ve all been waiting for

Here is the most detailed snapshots ever taken of our cosmos.


“When you look at something as big as this, we’re going to answer questions that we don’t even know what the questions are yet,” NASA chief Bill Nelson said.

By Jessica Riga

We now hear from Joe Biden

He says he was delayed due to presidential duties related to the Middle East.

There was also a huge issue with the stream at the time, so if you think this was only happening to you, it wasn’t!

By Jessica Riga

Kamala Harris calls it a “very exciting time”

We hear first from the American vice-president.

“Today represents an exciting new chapter in the exploration of our universe,” she said.


By Jessica Riga

It’s happening!

Live steam starts.

Joe is here!

By Jessica Riga

How are we holding up, team?


I’m a mix of memes, with a brief scream every time the music on hold ends, only to start again.

By Jessica Riga

NASA says go to sleep!

That’s what we’ve been doing for an hour. But I think they really mean it this time!


By Jessica Riga

NASA, we have things to do

Sitting on the couch with my 7 year old daughter, waiting. We are both super excited to see what they show us. We just hope they get there before the start of the school year!

– Space Dad

Hoping that happens before the deposit!

By Jessica Riga

Ok but space memes are very good

By Jessica Riga

Nate is not happy

Breakfast meteorologist Nate Bryne ‘not happy, not happy at all’ after NASA almost an hour late to reveal this image!

He also says that the music on hold makes him climb the wall.

So we are all in the same boat! Or spaceship.

By Jessica Riga

Space parties on

I was waiting for this, great 🙂


It’s the spirit, Rob!

By Jessica Riga

Good point!

I did an essay on this thing years ago and talked about how close we were to getting science out of it. What’s another hour late? haha


We’ve come so far, why rush.

But also, think of my nerves!

By Jessica Riga

While we wait…

I recommend this great read by environmental journalist Nick Kilvert from ABC Sciences.

Carbon, born inside stars, has catalyzed life on Earth – but lately it’s gotten bad press. It’s carbon’s journey from cosmic wonder to global pariah. It all starts at an (in)famous music festival in 1970.

You can read the full story below.

By Jessica Riga

Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

Just like when I join a Zoom call and no one is there, I wanted to check that this is the correct link at the top here? I don’t see any space images or logos mentioned in the tweets…

– Spaced

Turns out NASA is late!

By Jessica Riga

It’s so good until it’s not

Please. No more music on hold. Please change the song.

– Anonymous

By Jessica Riga

Is the wait bringing someone else down?

By Jessica Riga

A walk in the past while NASA keeps us waiting…

If anyone else remembers the moon landing live stream a few hours watching a white triangle on a black background was turned into a logo….

– Invoice

Personally, I was just a speck of dust in the cosmos when the moon landed.

By Jessica Riga

We get emotional now

Go NASA and congratulations to all the team that provides information about our cosmos. The kind of you makes you think how unique and special our little blue specimen in our corner of the universe really is.


What a beautiful message, thank you Richo!

You are so right.

By Jessica Riga

Who knew #TeamSpace could be so sleazy

By Jessica Riga

Do you think he’s got THE picture we’ve all been waiting for?

An entire cosmos looms before us, but NASA chief Bill Nelson only has one (huge) photo in his hands.


By Jessica Riga

Ok, but why only one photo?

Why is only one image initially posted?

– Ray

Because NASA lives for drama, Ray!

But with the deepest view in the universe, other images the team promises will be blow our minds to understand:

  • A spectacular cloud of dust known as the Carina Nebula, where stars are born
  • A group of colliding galaxies called Stephan’s Quintet
  • A huge bubble of gas known as the South Ring Nebula surrounding a dying star


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