Jessica Bejarano, Snow Tha Product & More team up for ALTA SINFÓNICA


Growing up in East Los Angeles, Jessica Bejarano didn’t have much accessibility to the arts. She was a member of her high school marching band, but the opportunity to experience a classical music concert, opera, or ballet seemed like a world apart.

She had one thing going for her, however; She loved music.

“It was this instant love for…playing music and making music,” Bejarano said. “One of my biggest goals is to really make music accessible.”

Today, Bejarano, who is Mexican American, is the founder and musical director of the San Francisco Philharmonic Orchestra. During her career, she has been guest conductor of symphonies around the world, notably in countries such as Russia, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Spain and Venezuela.

As the daughter of immigrants, Bejarano knows she’s paved a career path that few Latinas have had the chance to take in the leadership’s 250-year history.

“Inclusiveness and exposure are extremely important,” she said. “I am an example. You too can be a conductor or a musician or simply a spectator in the concert hall. You can belong anywhere in this room.

In partnership with Heineken USA and its Tecate brand, Bejarano brings his talent as a conductor to Tecate ALTA Presents: ALTA SINFÓNICA, a project that mixes classical and contemporary sounds. Combining symphonic music with hip-hop, regional Mexican and dancehall rhythms, Bejarano and ALTA SINFÓNICA will blur the boundaries of musical genres and embrace cultural complexities.

“People shouldn’t be boxed,” Bejarano said. “I feel the same about music. Music shouldn’t be canned either. [like] symphonic music belongs in the symphony hall and hip-hop and rap belong somewhere else. Let’s take the boxes out of the equation and create something different, something special, something unique.

To do this, Bejarano teams up with three of the hottest Latin artists working in the industry today – Snow Tha Product, Oscar Cortéz and Los Rakas – and will take their music and reimagine it with a symphonic twist. The collaboration will converge on ALTA SINFÓNICA, a one-night only performance at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco on Saturday, October 1, 2022.

There, Bejarano and the San Francisco Philharmonic, Snow Tha Product, Los Rakas and Cortéz will “demonstrate the beauty of cross-cultural convergence…to create a whole new musical expression,” said Óscar Martínez-López, Senior Brand Manager. at Tecate. “As with any other cultural expression, we believe that music has no boundaries.”

Bejarano adds: “I am extremely excited and honored to be part of the ALTA SINFÓNICA project. The mixing and coming together of these different art forms and these different artists is going to be absolutely unique and a true elevation of what music and community can and should truly be.

Tickets for Tecate ALTA Presents: ALTA SINFÓNICA are currently available for purchase. All proceeds from the concert will be donated to the San Francisco Philharmonic Orchestra.

“I think that vision, that visibility that we’re going to have on that stage for the public is going to… is going to help propel change,” Bejarano said. “I’m hopeful for what’s to come no [only] musically but breaking down those barriers that still exist.


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