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The Zac Brown Band has been one of my favorite rock / country bands since they burst onto the scene with their second studio album, “The Foundation,” released in 2008. Since then, they’ve been steadily growing. accumulate successes.

ZBB released their last studio album since the release of “The Owl” in 2019. This is what many would consider a “return to form” and at first glance, they would be right.

Since their initial success, the group has continued to experiment with various genre infusions. One of my favorite of these genre works was their 2013 EP, “The Grohl Sessions Vol. 1. “Produced by former Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. In my opinion, I appreciated Zac Brown’s vocal talent lent to heavier music.

The band continued to develop their alternative and pop sound in albums such as “Jekyll + Hyde” and to a lesser extent, “Welcome Home”.

But for ZBB’s “The Comeback”, it’s undeniable that the band decided to go back to those country roots they grew up on and gained popularity with. The title of the Comeback album has several meanings.

Acoustically, the sound is a mix of contemporary and classic country. One of the best examples of this is the sixth track from the record “Stubborn Pride featuring Marcus King”. While King is one of the best in contemporary blues, Brown’s melodramatic vocals complement King’s ingrained guitars in a unique way. Hope to see more collaborations from them in the future.

The title track directly addresses the COVID-19 pandemic which, like so many other bands, took ZBB out of the recording studio for a while and pretty much changed the shape of the album.

“This one was definitely more intentional, because we decided to write everything for it,” Brown said in an interview with Apple Music. “And when we summed up all the songs that we had written and left a good ten songs that we hadn’t recorded to try to make this trip, we knew the best would come out. “

I think there are some very memorable tracks on this album such as “Wild Palomino”, “Fun having fun”, “Closer to Heaven ft. Gregory Porter” and “Old Love Song”. The reason these songs stand out is ZBB’s ability to take everything they’ve learned into their genre inspirations that they’ve attempted over the years and put it together masterfully. It’s a subtle thing you wouldn’t really notice if you hadn’t been following their careers. You would think they were great musicians.

I hate talking week after week about bands that I love without ever offering constructive criticism, but I couldn’t really think of anything. It’s a solid album that will appeal to a multitude of people. Do I think ZBB will ever capture the magic that propelled them to the charts like they did on “The Foundation” or their 2017 album, “You Get What You Give”? No, I don’t think they will.

But they’ve come a long way musically between and since the release of these albums and I can’t wait to see where they go from here.

Jack R. Jordan is a reporter for the Moultrie Observer.



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