Kanye West and Drake’s “Free Larry Hoover” concert Thursday will benefit 2 social justice groups in Chicago


CHICAGO – Two anti-violence and criminal justice reform groups in Chicago will be the beneficiaries of Drake and Kanye West’s hit concert “Free Larry Hover” which airs tonight on Amazon.

The “Free Larry Hoover” performance will take place in Los Angeles on Thursday and will raise funds and raise awareness of the need for criminal justice reform. He will also advocate for the release of Hoover, the Chicagoan and leader of the Gangster Disciples who is serving six life sentences in a federal prison in Colorado, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The concert will benefit three nonprofits, two of which are based in Chicago: the Uptown People’s Law Center and Ex-Cons For Community and Social Change.

Ex-Cons For Community and Social Change is an anti-violence and social justice organization. The group is responding to cases of gun violence, as it did after five people were gunned down in Evanston last week, to stem reprisals and help young people find productive paths in life.

Ex-Cons have contacted West Camp in the past to partner with anti-violence initiatives in Chicago. He learned this week that the group will be the beneficiary of the “Free Larry Hover” concert, said Ralph Edwards, director of the northern branch of Ex-Cons For Community Service.

“They know who makes the difference on the pitch,” Edwards said of West and Drake. “It’s a big oop alley. It can really make a difference for the kids in our community. “

Edwards said he was unsure how the funding could come from the concert. If it’s big enough, it could help ex-convicts open youth “centers” in neighborhoods like Rogers Park, which provide a safe place for children to seek resources and mentorship.

“We don’t have enough safe spaces for our black and brown kids,” Edwards said. “We want to bring something new, to try a different approach. “

The second local beneficiary of the Free Larry Hoover concert is the Uptown People’s Law Center, which is fighting to end the isolation.

The use of solitary confinement is one of the social causes addressed by the concert, as Hoover, 71, remained mostly in solitary confinement while in federal prison.

Alan Mills, executive director of the Legal Center, said he had learned they would benefit from the concert on Wednesday. It was then that Todd Belcore, founder of Chicago-based Social Change, called Mills to tell him he was recommending the Legal Center at Rapper Camps as a group working to end prison reforms. loners and others.

“It came out of the blue,” Mills said. “I appreciate all those who wish to bring up the issue of solitary confinement… and how inhumane solitary confinement is. ”

The free Larry Hover show will air live on Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Music starting at 10 p.m. local time.

Hoover’s release cause helped West and Drake end a multi-year feud between the superstar rappers, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Hoover led the Gangster Disciples and even sought to turn the group into a political operation. In 1973, he was sentenced to over 150 years after being convicted of ordering the murder of a rival, according to the LA Times. He later received federal drug trafficking charges and was sentenced to life in prison.

The third social justice group to benefit from the concert is California-based Hustle 2.0.

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