Kelly Clarkson, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg and more team up for Shaquille O’Neal Foundation charity event


04 October 2021 23:32 STI

Washington [US], Oct 4 (ANI): Some of the biggest names in the music industry including Kelly Clarkson, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, among others, recently gathered in Las Vegas for a good cause, the Shaquille O’Neal Foundation, which supports boys and girls clubs and schools.
According to People magazine, in addition to live music, the night featured a cache of auction items, including UFC tickets, Lakers tickets and a trip to Africa. One item up for grabs was also a starring role in an upcoming Adam Sandler film, which O’Neal won for $ 90,000.
“Adam, if you’re here I’ve come a long way from Kazaam. I’ll pay you to be in your movie.” the NBA Hall of Famer declared after his winning bid.

Imagine Dragons and Andra Day were also present at the event. Meanwhile, host Jimmy Kimmel even regurgitated jokes he told about O’Neal over 20 years ago on a roast … most of which are unfit to print. .
Bieber, arguably the hottest artist of the night, was the penultimate act, taking the stage with a denim jacket and sunglasses. Although he didn’t address the crowd, he delighted them with a set of five songs, most of which were taken from his latest album, “Justice”.
While Snoop closed the night with a joint performance with O’Neal, it was Clarkson who had the most sentimental moment. “Shaq mentioned that he couldn’t afford a daycare, that his family couldn’t afford a daycare. Mine neither. My mom just worked there, so I went in for free,” he said. she declared.
According to People magazine, Clarkson added, “But I love doing events like this, and I love hearing from artists. Everyone sees where we’re at. They don’t see where we’re from, and everyone needs a helping hand, everyone needs an opportunity. I was one of those kids who grew up with gifts. ” (ANI)

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