Killswitch Engage, the group that confused Spokane with Tacoma, is coming back to town


“Hello Tacoma! roared Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach when his band played Knitting Factory in April 2016.

“It was hilarious,” recalls guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz. “It was one of those Spinal Tap moments that happened, but it was just amazing. We understood what Jesse said immediately. I said, ‘Jesse, we’re not in Tacoma .’

“The audience couldn’t stop laughing. We couldn’t stop laughing. … It was one of those crazy moments on the road that you will never forget.

The members of Killswitch Engage, who will return to the Knitting Factory on Friday, missed the road like every other band when the pandemic started, but the metalcore band were even more frustrated in March 2020 as the quintet was only two shows on his tour when the ride was put on ice.

“It was beyond awful since we were literally just getting started,” Dutkiewicz said of the call from Dallas. “We were excited to get this tour going again as our fans kept their tickets. We call this our Postponement Tour since we are finally on our long awaited Atonement Tour.

“Atonement,” which was produced and engineered by Dutkiewicz, is full of menacing visceral metalcore. It’s arguably the best sound in Killswitch Engage’s eight-album canon.

“Even though the album has been out for a while (‘Atonement’ was released in August 2019), the material still feels fresh to us,” Dutkiewicz said. “We barely played those songs.

“We only played two shows before being closed. We lost a boatload of silver, but we’re back. We’re going to play a lot of songs from ‘Atonement’ for those fans who bought tickets and were kind enough to wait for us to come to their town.

Expect Killswitch Engage, which also features guitarist Joel Stroetzel, bassist Mike D’Antonio and drummer Justin Foley, to include at least one song from each of their albums as well as deep tracks.

“We like to add weird songs to our setlists,” Dutkiewicz said. “I like to play songs that people don’t expect like ‘Reject Yourself’ from ‘As Daylight Dies.’ It’s not a song that most people would ask for. It’s fun to mix it all up. We’re going to play a bit of everything and try to stay on top of everything.

This includes knowing what city Killswitch Engage is playing in. “I guarantee you I’ll mention Jesse thinking he was in Tacoma when we come back to Spokane,” Dutkiewicz said. “It’s always funny.”


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