Marshall Tucker Band, local musicians ready to rock downtown Spartanburg


The Marshall Tucker Band performed a free concert in downtown Spartanburg on Tuesday night in front of thousands of hometown fans.

Here’s what to know about road closures in the city.

Opening bands, featuring local musicians, began at 5 p.m. The Marshall Tucker Band took the stage at 8 p.m. and played their familiar tunes until shortly after 10 p.m. The Marshall Tucker Band, famous with Spartanburg roots, celebrates 50 years as a band.

Fans Praise Marshall Tucker Band’s Performance

10:15 p.m. | “The performance was incredible. It was my first gig and it was out of this world. Everything was just great. I was in shock when Doug Gray threw the tambourine at me and I couldn’t believe it,” said Autumn Greene of Spartanburg.

Doug Gray of the Marshall Tucker Band performs in front of the crowd

Doug Gray, lead singer of the Marshall Tucker Band, performs on stage to a large crowd in downtown Spartanburg.

Generations of Marshall Tucker Band fans attended the concert

8:15 p.m. | “I arrived at 4 p.m. to make sure I got a front row seat,” said Spartanburg’s Martha Fowler. “I’ve been Marshall Tucker since 1969. Without a doubt, I’m their number one fan. I’ve told my granddaughter a lot about the band and Doug Gray is my very good friend. I’ve been waiting for this for 17 years.

Fowler brought her granddaughter Rachel Shewalter and daughter Keisha Abernathy with her to the concert.

Another fan came from Myrtle Beach to see the Marshall Tucker Band.

“I came here from Myrtle Beach. It’s a free concert and I couldn’t miss them,” said Kip Zartman.

Spartanburg’s Stephanie Sparks said she’s been a Marshall Tucker Band forever.

“I’ve been a fan all my life and grew up listening to them. The show is great and I’m glad to have them back in Spartanburg. My favorite part of the evening was seeing all the people who came out for the 50th anniversary and everyone who wanted to celebrate as a community,” Sparks said.

Stephanie Sparks, left, and Stephanie Horne, both of Spatanburg, enjoy Tuesday night's Marshall Tucker Band performance.

Shane Pruitt thrilled music lovers

The Shane Pruitt Band of Spartanburg was an early act of the Marshall Tucker Band

6:00 p.m. | “Shane Pruitt is one hell of a guitarist,” Rodney Smith said of Pauline. “I’ve seen him play in many places. He’s a local musician and great to be in my hometown. I’m looking forward to MTB and one of the original singers, I’m hanging out with their son. Everything the world should just come and listen to these great local bands”

James Radford's band was an early act of the Marshall Tucker Band.

James Radford Band had a lot of fans in the house

“We’re having a great time. We came to see our mate Noah Hardin (James Radford Band) play. “said Kristen Sims of Rutherford, North Carolina.

Fans can’t wait to see their favorite bands

The Shane Pruitt band from Spartanburg was an early act of the Marshall Tucker Band.  Allen Greenway of Woodruff listens to the band.

5:00 p.m. | “My mate is Kenny Lawrence who is the lead singer of Black Foot,” said Allen Greenway of Woodruff. “We went to high school together and I’m so excited to hear him play. This is the third gig, but this one is special because it’s our home! It’s going to be awesome.”

The Shane Pruitt band from Spartanburg was an early act of the Marshall Tucker Band.  Jason and Mia Bryson from Gaffney listen to the band.

Gaffney’s Jason Bryson was expected to headline the Marshall Tucker Band.

“I’ve been a mountain bike fan since I started listening to music. It’s a great local band and a southern rock band,” Bryson said. I’ve seen them once before and having them, for free, in the community with other bands is awesome.

Crowds choose their seats for the concert

4:30 p.m. | Dozens of people are scattered around the corner of E. Main and S. Church streets on camp chairs, waiting for the first performance to begin. Food trucks and vendors are operational for hungry customers.

Guests arrive early to claim a seat for opening acts and the Marshall Tucker Band.

Fans arriving for the Marshall Tucker Band concert

Watch the soundcheck video

VIP tickets still available

1:30 p.m. | Delaney’s Irish Pub is rented out all day to serve as an exclusive VIP area for BMW Charity Pro-Am guests and VIP ticket holders. This includes the pub, patio and outdoor dining area.

VIP tickets can still be purchased directly from the BMW Charity Pro-Am here:

Food vendors prepare for a large crowd

9:45 am | “We’re making Italian sausages, corn dogs and other tasty treats. We’re preparing for a huge crowd. Buffalo chicken on a stick is my favorite and Italian sausage is a big fan favorite,” Eric said. Timmons, owner. Timmons dealerships. “We have authentic Italian sausages that come from New Jersey. We’ve been in the business since 1939 and have been hosting events for the city since 1980.

“We plan to serve from noon to 1 p.m.”

The day started early for crews preparing downtown Spartanburg for the Marshall Tucker Band who will headline a day of music in Spartanburg on June 7, 2022. Eric Timmons of Timmons Concessions talks about preparing for food for guests.

The morning crew sets the stage for the performance of the Marshall Tucker Band

9 a.m. | AVL Solutions and Event Rentals employees are working and setting up lights, tents and stereo equipment to make sure tonight is perfect for the musicians and the large projected crowd. The big 18-wheelers reveal that there is still a lot to put together, but the employees are working hard and fast to put it all together.

“We’ve been settling in since midnight. My dad actually was in mountain biking for about ten years. It’s a big family affair for us and it’s really important,” said

John Radford, director of sound and lighting for AVL Solutions. “Just buzz, I think it’s going to be 7-10,000 people. A lot of people are looking forward to their 50th birthday. We have tons of moving lights and a nice setup for the VIP tent.”

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The event is presented by the Johnson Group and is organized in collaboration with the BMW Charity Pro-Am Golf Tournament.

Check back for updates, photos and videos throughout the day as the city prepares for the event and into the evening when the live music begins.

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