Mexican artist KandyxClout announces another musical breakthrough with a new label.


KandyxClout is ready to take their music career to the next level under new management.

From Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico to playing on the world stage, Latin artist KandyxClout is opening up the next level of her career. Omar, better known as KandyxClout, nurtured his career from the ground up, becoming an internationally acclaimed Mexican artist.

Now under a new label, Saint Legacy Management, KandyxClout has announced their next music. He expresses his excitement to reconnect with fans and introduce them to the music he worked so hard on. His music is heavily influenced by his heritage and where he grew up. Therefore, there are shades of Latin trap, reggaeton, Latin music, bachata, etc. He believes that no artist should limit himself to a single musical genre.

Kandy Clout started his musical journey in 2013 when he discovered his passion for music. Seizing this passion, he got into audio production and started building his career from there. In 2014, he founded a music group, ZYCHRA, made up of local artists who bring their unique musical styles.

Combining various musical styles, Kandy fell in love with the urban movement and started creating hip-hop, rap and R&B tracks. As he continued to learn more about the music industry and explore music, he embarked on his solo career in 2015.

When he first went solo, Kandy went through Cotton Kandy, Latin Trap and rap artist. He performed at clubs in Houston, where he had moved with his family at a young age. Once he experienced the thrill of playing music and creating it, Kandy Clout never looked back.

In 2019, Kandy created Kandy Clout, a collective group of influencers playing music together. In no time, the group became a hit among local influencers and celebrities due to their unique new sound and style. This pushed Kandy onto the Latin music scene and also increased his recognition among English listeners.

Soon the group began to perform on various stages in the city and worked with magazines, radio and television. This continued to increase the band’s influence and pushed them further into the limelight, making their new style of music popular among fans.

For the next phase of their career, KandyxClout is ready to wow fans with brand new music. The highly anticipated release is expected to showcase Kandy’s growth as an artist and highlight his journey, addressing everything he’s learned along the way.

According to Saint Legacy, KandyxClout is poised to dominate the music scene with their upcoming music. The young talent has been hard at work on the long-awaited release and is thrilled for fans to hear his music and start this new chapter with him.

For Kandy, music is his heart, and he has worked hard since the beginning of his career to prove it. He explains that this fresh start will help him become an even better urban artist while continuing to explore new styles.

His music is available for download and streaming on digital platforms.

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