Middletown bassist’s album aims to shine a light on ‘underrated’ instrument


MIDDLETOWN — Based in Middletown bassist Jedd Chlebowski says the city is a great place for music lovers.

“There are a lot of good musicians, a lot of good music and a lot of music fans,” he said. “It makes things easier.”

Chlebowski recorded his latest album, a solo project titled “All Alone”, at Coffee recording studiowhere he worked closely with Middletown’s 2022 Music Ambassador, owner Michael Arafeh.

Chlebowski is fresh off Saturday’s performance at the city’s Go Green festival in Harbor Park. He took the time to talk about the release of his latest album and the city’s talented music scene.

Chlebowski has lived in Middletown for almost 30 years. During this time, he toured performances across the United States and Europe, released albums both solo and with various bands, and collaborated extensively with other local artists.

He noted that Wesleyan University and the Coffeehouse Recording Studio on Main Street have proven to be good resources. “There’s a lot of talent here,” Chlebowski said.

His latest album, released April 15, is his first solo electric bass guitar project and features jazz elements combined with newer effects. He said he was partly inspired by a trip to National Association of Music Merchants annual showcase event in Anaheim, California, where he got to see artists using new and different technologies in their performances.

“I was watching, thinking I could do all these things,” Chlebowski said. “I kind of wanted to step in and see what I can do.”

With some of this new technology, Chlebowski said his solo songs can sound like they’re being performed by an entire band.

Chlebowski took just over a year to craft all the songs and began recording with Arafeh in mid-December. By mid-March, the album was basically finished.

For Chlebowski, the project was also a way to shine a light on his often underappreciated position as a bassist. “The bassist is always in the background, no one really notices.”

He was at the center, however, for part of the day on Saturday, where he performed for the city’s Earth Day festivities. He spent the weeks leading up to perfecting his set list.

“It’s about figuring out what you want to showcase,” Chlebowski said.

When not working on a solo project, Chlebowski can be found working as a college orchestra teacher in Wallingford or performing with other local musicians. This includes the Ken Serio Jazz Trio and power rock trio Crossroads crooks.

Chlebowski said he is still looking to book more gigs and will be performing all summer in Middletown and beyond. “We always have a good time,” he said.

The album is available on most music streaming platforms.

For more information on Chlebowski, including upcoming shows and past projects, check out his website at jeddbass.com or follow him on Twitter at Jeddbass.


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