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Jhis week’s episode features a fun chat with the actor and podcaster Michael Mitchell. Although “Mitch” – who you probably know for his work on movies like tomorrow’s wartv shows like birthday boys and the Netflix series To likeand as host of Doughboys—is not a musician by profession, music actually plays a pretty big role in both his career and his life in general.

Recently, Mitch spoke with My First Band host Tyler Maas about some of his early musical discoveries and performing experiences growing up in Boston (well, Quincy, to be exact), calling radio stations asking for songs as a teenager, his enduring love for the Dave Matthew Band and Pink Floyd, and what he listens to now. Along the way, Mr. Slice talked about a few song-based skits he participated in as a member of birthday boys (including the very popular “Woosh” birthday song), the role music played in Doughboys, the experience of acting opposite Jon Hamm and Eric Edelstein in a clip of Eelsand his quest continues to get a song on the Billboard charts.

My first group is sponsored by Mystery Room Mastery and Brewery by the lake. The show is edited by Jared Bloom. You can listen to My First Band on itunes, embroiderer, Spotify, and wherever you get podcasts. You can also listen to replays of previous episodes of My First Band at WMSE every Wednesday from noon to 12:30 p.m. CST. Music used in this episode is courtesy of Devil’s Teeth (“The Eight Tigers of Junction Street”) and Mike Mitchell with Carl Pie (“Philadelphia Cream Cheese”).

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