Mulga Bore Hard Rock Band will travel from remote community to support music legends KISS on latest Australian show


A six-piece KISS-inspired hard rock band from a Central Australian Aboriginal station are set to share a stage with their idols.

The Mulga Bore Hard Rock Band will support KISS for rock royalty’s last concert on Australian soil on the Gold Coast on September 10.

Singer and high school student Alvin Manfong said it was hard to believe.

“It’s our dreams coming true. They’re my favorite band in the world,” he said.

The band, from the community of Mulga Bore, 240 kilometers from Alice Springs, are busy rehearsing the 30-minute set of original songs, including Big Train and Let Me Rock and Roll, plus three covers.

“We train every day. We’re excited to go, it’s the first time we’ve been there [to the Gold Coast],” he said.

KISS in the red earth

Rebecca McLean is a filmmaker and worked with the Mulga Bore Hard Rock Band to develop a music video and documentary.

Ms. McLean came up with the idea of ​​getting in touch with KISS with the aim of having them featured in the music video.

“[We wanted to] bring them here in a jet. We looked on the internet and saw that they were actually [touring] here,” she said.

Mulga Bore Hard Rock Band won Alice Springs Heat from Battle of the School Bands.(ABC Alice Springs: Emma Haskin)

“We all fantasize about the image of glittering boots in the red dirt – it’s always a quest.”

Ms McLean used her industry networks to get a contact for KISS after writing to them in March.

“We haven’t heard anything for months. Thanks to a late night request from a Facebook friend, the wheels were set in motion,” she said.

“The next day I received an e-mail saying that the letter we had written had arrived at [KISS].

“[The promoter] said, “I think it’s a good thing and I think the guys are going to like it.”

After initial conversations about a potential half-hour set supporting KISS, several weeks passed without a word, before the golden email arrived in Ms McLean’s inbox.


She said they should keep the news a secret until they can get to the community.

“We told them. You could have heard a pin drop,” she said.

“I think they were in shock. They fell silent.

“Then it hit them and they’ve been dancing ever since.”

The band still haven’t given up on the idea of ​​hosting KISS in Central Australia.

“Thank you KISS for inviting us to your stage. We invite you to our stage, Mulga Bore,” they said.


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