Music artist “Tarra” releases his latest pop track “I’m Not Me When I’m With You.”


Tarra is an 18-year-old future composer and singer. She recently released her new single “I’m Not Me When I’m With You” following the success of her previous album “This Isn’t Love”. Drawing inspiration from his real-life experiences, Tarra is surely making a name for himself among the independent music circuit in India. The idea for her next song “I’m Not Me When I’m With You” came from an experience she had. Describing the dizzying feeling of young love and teenage love, the song is basically his confession, “hey, I’m so sorry, but I’m getting so nervous around you, I don’t know how to be myself!” According to the artist, “having butterflies in your stomach is nice and all, until you’re completely pissed off and you don’t know what to do anymore!”.
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Speaking about the song, Tarra says, “We all have a certain person that we get nervous and nervous around. When they’re close, you can’t even think straight and you start behaving in all sorts of ways. This song is about THAT feeling. The feeling of being crushed. I am an anxious person. Not so long ago there was a boy I liked. Every time he spoke to me, I started to panic inside. I told myself to be cool and calm and collected, but as soon as I was near him, it all went out the window. I would lose control of myself, get all nervous and freaked out, and act in a way that I never would otherwise.”

How she started

Tarra is originally from Mumbai, India, but her musical sensibilities are global and she draws inspiration from international songwriters like Taylor Swift and Julia Michaels. She found her calling in English pop music a few years ago, when she accidentally wrote a song at 13 and fell head over heels in love with songwriting. She likes to play with words and lyrics. She’s always been shy in real life, so her music is her way of expressing herself. “Conveying a feeling or a message with my words is important to me,” she says.


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