Nagaland government provide interest-free loans to micro-farmers, entrepreneurs

Chief Minister Neiphiu along with other ministers, advisers and officials during the inauguration of the DUDA Guest House in Sovima on Tuesday.

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Dimapur, June 14 (EMN):
Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio informed that the state government would provide interest-free loans to micro-farmers and entrepreneurs, screening and interviewing interested persons from all districts.

He was speaking at the inauguration program of the Department of Underdeveloped Areas Development (DUDA) guest house in Sovima on Tuesday.

He said the government will pay the interest and the beneficiaries will get a loan, but the person must provide a guarantor from the village authority.

Rio also said that the Eastern region is now different and there should be no reserve and backwardness mentality. He said the field has made progress in many areas and cited recent findings from HSLC and HSSLC; stating that there were a lot of toppers and they worked better than some advanced tribes.

“You are successful in education, connectivity and infrastructure,” he said.

It asks leaders and people to focus on connecting agricultural production to market and furniture products through digital prints. He also asked the relevant department to keep a separate budget to provide continuous training in the IT sector and skills development.

“If more is needed, I will also add corpus fund,” he assured.

He encouraged people not just to aim for government jobs and complain about unemployment, but to focus more on self-employment. He encouraged fishing and cattle farms, especially pigs, stating that pork from outside states is mostly unhealthy.

“The eastern region is very rich in biodiversity, culture and has a unique topography, and therefore the tourism potential is very high,” he said. Furthermore, he said that the department of DUDA should change the game and encouraged them to do much better.

Khiamniungan Cultural Troupe hosting Neiphiu Rio.

KS Anden Konyak, secretary of DUDA, said the department has made substantial progress in the development of underdeveloped areas through the Ares Underdeveloped Program (UDAP), Border Areas Development Program (BADP), Pradhan Mantri Van Dhan Yojana (PMVDY) under TRIFED MOTA GOI.

Giving a brief report on the construction of the DUDA guesthouse, he said the department purchased the land with a partially constructed building for an amount of INR 2.50 crore in December 2012; the government has allocated INR 3.50 crore under SPA and INR 4 crore under UDAP for this project.

He informed that the construction work was awarded to SAATLZ Construction and Sons and Affluent Enterprise on February 25, 2014 and November 2015 respectively, and the amount of funds allocated was used for the guest house, internal electrification, internal water supply, security wall, compound development etc.

The base area of ​​the building is 15,498 square feet.

The guest house consists of three dormitories, four VIP suites, nine single rooms, a conference room, a kitchen, a waiting room and a dining hall.

He also expressed his gratitude to the government of Nagaland for providing funds despite the financial crisis the government is facing for this project as well as other projects in the 27 constituencies of the Assembly of Underdeveloped Regions of India. State.

Moreover, in order to uplift the inhabitants of the underdeveloped regions, he appealed for the support of the government and the cooperation of the people, in all future undertakings of the department.

S Pangnyu Phom, the chairman of the Eastern Naga Legislative Union (ENLU), urged the users of the guest house to maintain it properly as it will help the poorer part of society in many ways . He also suggested that a guest house could be built in each district headquarters of the Eastern Region to help the people of the East.

Tsapikiu Sangtam, chairman of the Eastern Naga People’s Organization, said it was a great initiative since Dimapur is a trading hub, it can house many sick people who come to town for treatment. . He also asked the government to focus on underdeveloped areas in the region.

L Shahoto Yimkhiung, chairman of the Eastern Naga People’s Union Dimapur, expressed his gratitude and said the project is a dream come true. He also asked leaders to ensure that no development funds are misused by the public or leaders.

“I believe that this house will serve all sections of Nagas and therefore ask everyone who comes to the guest house to maintain themselves properly,” he shared.

Sebastian Zumvü, Chairman of the Sovima Village Council, said that although Sovima is an Angami village, there is a conglomeration of almost all tribes in Nagaland.

“This village has open arms to welcome everyone and make Sovima their home, and we strive to make every resident of Sovima Village feel like they belong in Sovima Village,” he added.


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