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With the high school football season about to begin on August 20, Noblesville’s new high school stadium is only a year away from its debut.

In fact, David Mundy, associate superintendent of Noblesville Schools, said the stadium is expected to be completed by March 2022, in time for the high school track season.

“The new stadium will accommodate 6,000 people, 4,500 on the premises side and 1,500 on the visitors side,” said Mundy, who oversees operations for the district. “We’re on the right pace if we can keep the weather as it has been. Our intention is for both training fields to be completed in early August and ready for use. We are working on finishing the visitors’ stands, then the track will enter. “

Mundy noted that when the current 4,000-strong football stadium was built in 1969, Noblesville’s population was 12% of what it is today.

The two locker rooms and concession stands are also nearing completion, Mundy said.

“We’re lucky in Noblesville (that) we have a great fan base,” Mundy said. “We have a great community that supports us. We want everyone in our community, our students, college kids and even people outside the community to be able to come to our games and have fun and be in a great position to watch the game. When the crowd is there it affects our football team. We also have a lot of people for the track. This will accommodate larger crowds with more room to move around. We can host the youth events and the state youth championships that we are trying to organize.

Having the stadium right behind the school is another advantage.

The current football stadium, Beaver Materials Field at Swanson Sports Complex, will remain a district facility to host lacrosse, music competitions and other uses.

“It will also be used for rentals and some for our youth teams,” Mundy said. “He will remain active.

In addition to the increased seating capacity, the new stadium will have expanded concessions and toilets, improved LED lighting and updated broadcast technology capabilities.

Marnie Cooke, director of communications, said naming rights were being sought for the stadium.

“We also have other stadium rooms, naming locker rooms, naming concession stands and scoreboard sponsorships,” Cooke said.

The stadium was inaugurated on September 15, 2020. The Hagerman Group is managing the construction of the $ 14 million project, which is funded by a bond. The architect is CSO Architects. Mundy said the referendum dollars will not be used and the funding will not increase the tax rate. The deposit used to fund the stadium cannot be used to fund staff, programs or student needs, as per state guidelines.

The new wing of Noble Crossing Elementary School.

Primary schools are growing

Noblesville Schools recently completed the expansion of North Elementary School, which was built in 1967. The additional space will provide North students with sufficient space for lunch, physical education and music programs, as well as toilet renovations.

“As the oldest and smallest school in the district, this space was desperately needed in North and will be a major improvement in our school operations,” said North Elementary School principal Rob Lugo. “Our students can now enjoy expanded sports and music instruction, have lunch on time, and be together for school events, comparable to all other students in our district. The renovations also create savings and efficiency gains through updating toilets and kitchen equipment.

David Mundy, associate superintendent of Noblesville schools, said the cafeteria needed to be larger to allow students to go through quickly.

“On the south side of the building, we have developed a new gymnasium and a music room,” Mundy said.

A grade two class in the new wing of Noble Crossing Elementary School.

The Noble Crossing Elementary School expansion, which was completed in May, included a new south-west wing of six classrooms, a teachers’ working room and an expanded cafeteria dining room.

“The new classroom wing allows us to continue to provide exceptional learning experiences to our growing student body,” said Noble Crossing Elementary Principal Pat Haney. “In addition, the expanded cafeteria means not only a necessary space for lunch, but also a space for enrichment programs and before / after school care. “

Mundy said growth on the west side of Noblesville has resulted in increased enrollment in recent years at Noble Crossing and Hazel Dell elementary schools, creating the need for expansions to maintain appropriate class sizes and services.

The Hazel Dell Elementary expansion, which was completed in January, included two new classrooms and two new work rooms for teachers. Renovations were made to the office spaces and media center, nursing clinic and reception.

“We’re in pretty good shape now in all of our buildings in terms of the spacing in each one,” Mundy said. “We monitor this every year. Being a growing neighborhood, we never know where new construction (for housing) might go. Every four or five months we do another check of the numbers.

Earlier this summer, Mundy said the new maintenance storage facility at Cumberland Road and 191st Street and football security locker rooms were completed at the White River Soccer complex.


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