New York’s Finest to headline hit Hispanic band ‘La Jara’


It’s Hispanic Heritage Month and News 12 shines a light on the best members of New York City who share their love for music with the world.

NYPD’s Hispanic group brings people together with music while working to bridge the gap between police and community. Whether it’s jamming at 1 Police Plaza or performing live at the Bronx Summer Concert Series in Orchard Beach, the band La Jara draws crowds of people who come to watch them play everything, from bachata to merengue and more.

“I think music brings people together. When I see how influential this band could be, I want more and the community wants more. We want to continue serving through the power of music,” Lt. said Steven Bhagan.

But this is not your average group.

La Jara, named after the Spanish police nickname, is a Hispanic group made up of 17 NYPD members who sing and play a variety of instruments.

After a short stint in the ’80s with just a few members, the group was brought back to life in 2013 by Captain Alexander Cedillo.

“I noticed that the department needed a group that would represent the Hispanic side of the community, so I decided to train them, but I had no idea it was going to be that successful,” says Cap. Cedilla.

The group was very successful, gaining fans around the world and even became so popular that it reached over 130,000 followers on Facebook.

The group says that by continuing to bring their music to venues across the country, they hope to connect with the communities they serve through music.

“We see the comments that people leave us on Facebook, on Instagram, on all social networks,” said officer Christian Guity. “People who see the police service in a new light and hope that we can definitely reconstruct the image people have of the police.”

As they seek to rebuild that image, the group hopes to continue to grow while inspiring young people in the community.


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