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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indy has plenty of talent, and a new scholarship is giving musicians the tools they need to take the next step.

GangGang, an organization focused on preserving culture through the arts, is leading the charge.

GangGang’s Next Up Fellowship is a kind of professional development program that shows participating artists the ins and outs of the business. Part of the plan is to make Circle City a place where artists feel they can stay and grow.

Alan Bacon is the founder and president of GangGang and he partners with the Arts Council and the City of Indianapolis to do this work.

“Preserving culture, you do it in a myriad of ways. Whether it’s from a visual art aspect through design, storytelling through music,” Bacon said.

During the fellowship, artists received one-on-one coaching in the areas of entrepreneurship, branding, performance, and the ins and outs of the music industry. The fellowship will conclude with an artist showcase.

“Understanding that we have a lot of creatives leaving versus what would make them stay. We don’t want our creatives to leave, we want them to lead,” Bacon said.

Independent artists like Ed Lanier are next and ready to hit the stage and see where their talents can take them. Lanier is one of nine artists participating in the Next Up Fellowship.

Lanier’s music is a combination of rock, funk and soul.

“It allows me to interact with different types of people. Because they traditionally enjoy that type of music,” Lanier said.

This style is true to his spirit, and something he says sets him apart. He knows he will need not only talent, but also knowledge.

“We have weekly meetings with different people. They do different things in the music industry and that helps you fully develop as an artist,” Lanier said.

The Next Up showcase is set for March 25 at Vogue. Tickets are on sale now.


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