Northside Concert Series looks to expand for 2022 performances


In light of the additional funding and recent success, the Northside Concert Series plans to host six live music performances for the summer of 2022.

Kate heston

Members of the public applaud Blake Shaw and Dan Padley as they perform outside the Goosetown Cafe on Tuesday, October 7, 2020. Guests watched from their tables outside as others gathered on the street to listen.

The non-profit organization’s Northside Concert series has been very successful since its inception a few years ago. Hosting an array of performers, the event takes place in the Northside neighborhood of downtown Iowa City and provides the community with accessible live music.

Summer of the Arts executive director Lisa Barnes said the organization plans to expand the series next year by adding separate performances throughout the summer in the Northside.

“All of the concerts we’ve had in the Northside have been very busy, so it made sense that we could provide additional programming,” said Barnes.

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The Northside neighborhood is large, with an array of local businesses and community members. This year, funding for the concert series will be provided by both businesses and individual members of the community.

“All Northside businesses have the opportunity to donate to sponsor the concert series. The more companies that donate, the less they have to contribute, ”said Barnes. “The other thing they’ve done this year is that they’ve actually reached out to the Northside neighborhood, the residents who live there, and asked them to help.”

The Northside Concert Series is also maintaining the closure of Linn Street. Northside businesses have discussed with the city the possibility of closing the street for more permanent entertainment.

Ofer Sivan, a Northside resident, Summer of the Arts board member and owner of Oasis Falafel, said several companies and groups are working on the effort to make the area a community space.

“We want to keep the street closed at least during the summer, but hopefully permanently one day, so having events and shows where this space is used helps,” Sivan said.

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Sivan noted that expansion doesn’t necessarily mean just adding more shows.

“We think it’s time to pay artists a bit more,” Sivan said. “A lot of artists and staff come from our community and a lot of them live in the Northside. “

“Our ultimate goal is to bring the people of Iowa City together through the arts and to experience arts and culture,” said Barnes. “All of our regular events that we produce are free for everyone. It is really important that the arts are accessible to everyone in the community.


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